Write In Korean on Windows 7

Do you know that you can type in Korean on Windows 7 without the need to download the language pack?

Generally, hundreds of input methods or languages are included, and ready-to-use in all Windows 7 editions such as Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

Enabling an input method like Korean IME (Input Method Editor) is very easy. It can be enabled quickly on a computer connected to the internet or not, and regardless of the keyboard the user is using.

An input method does not have prerequisites compared to installing a display language. Its main purpose is to allow a user to type in another language without the need to change the system’s primary display language, or download another plugin, or software. Sounds very easy right?

Enabling Korean Input Method

In order to type in Korean on Windows 7, Korean IME must be enabled first in Control Panel’s Language settings. To start:

1. Click the Windows Orb.

2. Go to Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Region and Language\ Keyboard and Languages

3. Click Change keyboards.

A small window (Text Services and Input Languages) will pop up after which. In this window, you will see the default input language of Windows, and the other input languages installed. See screenshot below.

Text Services and Input Languages

4. Click Add… button.

5. Find Korean on the list, then click the + sign beside it. Do the same to the sub-menu (Keyboard)

Add Korean Microsoft IME

6. Put a check in the Microsoft IME box. Click OK.

Success! Korean Input Method is now installed.

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  1. Thank you Jerry! I was looking around for half an hour, but this is the first place that tells me about the “A” icon. (No surprise that the Microsoft site didn’t help either, right?)

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