Write In Korean on Windows 7

Helpful Tool for Non-Korean Keyboard Users

Not familiar with the arrangement of Hangul alphabet on a non-Korean keyboard?

Not a problem! To know which key to press to get the desired Korean character, you can use a pre-installed tool in Windows 7 called On-Screen keyboard. To open it:

1. Click Windows orb.

2. Type “On-Screen Keyboard” without the quotation marks in the search box, then hit Enter.

Korean On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 7

The tool can be enabled as well via Ease of Access Center in Control Panel.

Setting Korean as the Default Input Method on Windows 7 (Optional)

Here’s what to do if you wish to set Korean IME as the default method of Windows. You can do it via Control Panel.

1. Click Windows orb.

2. Go to Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Region and Language\Keyboard and Languages

3. Click Change keyboards…

4. Select Korean – Microsoft IME in the drop-down menu.

5. Click Apply > OK.

The new default input method will take effect immediately without the need to reboot.


Now, you have already learned how to write in Korean on Windows 7.

Just so you know, Korean IME includes free fonts like Batang, BatangChe, Dotum, Gulim, Gungsuh, etc. You can check these under Fonts window, or in Notepad. If you’d like to add more, then you may check our post regarding Naver Software, and learn how to download stylish and cool Hangul fonts for free.


  1. By Helen on

    Thank you Jerry! I was looking around for half an hour, but this is the first place that tells me about the “A” icon. (No surprise that the Microsoft site didn’t help either, right?)


  2. By Saysa Ojano on

    I have the same question. I couldn’t find EN, it doesn’t appear. Please someone help me. Thankyou :)


  3. By Ajeng Carmelita Putri on

    when i open ms word its work! the hangul appears but when i open wmp or even on screen keyboard the square2 symbols still appear? how do i solve it?


  4. By Cpy Diana on

    I tried on MS word and notepad, it was perfectly fine.
    but how do i make them appear on places like Facebook or Twitter?

    do I need to do another setting or I have to copy & paste from Word to the sites?


  5. By Anik on

    Hi, Ive been downloaded your Korean language pack for Window 7 but it didnt work :( . Please help me, Kamsahamnida :)


  6. By Hkim72 on

     Is there a way to do this for Windows 7 Professional? I don’t have a choose a display language option. Thanks in advance.


  7. By Lee Jae Hyuk (이재혁) on

    As far as I know, Windows Professional is limited to just one language. Only Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise can have multiple languages installed.


  8. By Andra on

    I’m trying to type this in Microsoft Word Pad..but for example when I type A instead of A is M or if I type K instead of K is A. Why ?? :( And i don’t space and the character is not creating.. please helpp !! :c


  9. By Amalinaa Amir on

    “b. Click the keyboard Icon beside KO and choose Microsoft EMI , c. Click the Letter A icon and change it to 가”
    I click on keyboard Icon and I didn’t see Microsoft EMI. There is no A. How?


  10. By sk on

    제가 컴퓨터 고치기 전엔 right alt button 만 눌르면 한글로 바뀌었는데 이젠 left alt+shift 그담에 또 language bar button 을 눌러서 A를 가 로 바꿔야 한글이 써져요… 전처럼 다시 alt 만 눌러서 바꾸는 방법 없어요??


  11. By Noob on

    Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region 에서 Change Keyboard or other input methods 누르신다음 change keyboards누르신후에 맨위에 언어가 Korean으로 설정되었어야되요. 그리고 그냥 Korean이 아니라 Korean Microsoft IME로 설정하시면 됩니다^^



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