Set Korean as The Default Input Method on Windows 8

In Windows 8, it is possible to change the default input method to Korean without changing the primary system language, and downloading the language pack.

Input methods are pre-installed on Windows 8 and can be activated manually regardless if a computer is connected to the internet or not.

Korean IME (Input Method Editor) must be enabled first in order to change the default input method of a Windows 8 computer.

Go to this link for instructions on how to activate the Korean IME. Once enabled, follow these steps:

1. Go to Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Language

Press the CTRL key + X to open Control Panel via the Quick Link menu.

2. Click the Advanced settings link in the upper-left corner.

3. Select Korean – Microsoft IME under Override for default input method. See screenshot below.

Override for Default Input Method
Advanced Language Settings

4. Click Save.

5. Reboot computer.

Korean is now the default input method. It will show in the language bar beside the Windows Time. It looks like this: Language Bar in Windows 8

The 가 (KA) icon 가 is Hangul means Hangul is enabled, whereas the A icon A is English means the English keyboard layout is active . Click either of the two icons to toggle.

It is faster for Korean-keyboard users to switch keyboard layout, from English to Korean or vice versa, by using the 한/영 key. It is beside the space bar. For non-Korean keyboard users except Standard English, press the Windows logo key + Space bar to switch to the original or any other input method.

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