Korean VISA Application for First-Timers: Chance of Getting Approved

I created this post to motivate those who eagerly want to visit South Korea especially first-timers who haven’t flown overseas.

There’s actually a big chance IMO as long as the documents are complete and authentic, as well as the consul who will review the application will be satisfied with the purpose of entry.

Sharing A Colleague’s Experience

A colleague learned that I’m flying to South Korea for a short vacation. I invited her to come with me and she said, “Yes” without further ado and asked what to prepare.

Take note, she doesn’t have a passport and never flew to any country. As in, zero!

She patiently waited two months to get a passport and processed all the documents prior to filing an application.

I assisted her on the documents and made sure that everything’s ready so she will not be rejected on her first day in the embassy.

Even I don’t know if she will get approved. I haven’t bought a ticket because I’m waiting for her application result.

After 5 business days of waiting and two months of preparation, she was able to claim her passport. Thank God, she was approved.

Just to share, she’s been with our company for a year so she didn’t have a problem getting a COE and Form 2316.

The amount declared on her bank statement from China Bank is around 40,000 pesos.

She declared three days as her length of stay and her estimated travel cost was $711.00.

Despite her pessimism, she was still approved and will eventually fly with me during winter. ⛄️

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