Korean VISA Application: Is BPI Payroll Account Accepted?

Wondering if a payroll account can be used to apply for a tourist VISA in Korean Embassy?

It was the same concern I was seeking clarification since last month ’til I finally took the courage to apply for a tourist VISA without getting a definite answer.

It’s actually a YES

Though I have a personal savings account, I decided to use my payroll card instead.

I use it often for both deposit and withdrawal transactions. In short, it’s more active than my passbook.

Some netizens and bloggers recommend using an account with less withdrawal transactions, so I’m kinda hesitant at first, but I still tried. After all, my payroll account is also a savings account.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Such

I’m confident with this statement because I was approved using it even though mine has a long list of withdrawal and debit transactions.

My payroll account from BPI is an ATM-based savings [the blue one].

I had no problem getting a bank certification. If curious, my total declared balance for VISA application was 43,000 pesos and the ADB [Average Daily Balance] was around PHP6,000.00.

I had no problem getting a bank statement too. I got it together with the certification within the day or during visit.

Lastly, the consul who received my documents didn’t reject the papers from BPI. She skimmed them and gave me a claim stub immediately.

Check this page for tips on how to fill out the application.


  1. By james on

    what if your payroll is ADB is lower than 300? can I iuse it instead? cause I have saving account but it’s new.

    Thank you


    • By on

      While it is preferred to use an account with banking history, I really can’t answer this question still because Korean embassy’s website is always down whenever I visit it. If you’re still waiting for a clarification, you may fill out the form at the right side, then I’ll get back to you as soon as I have the information.


    • By on

      As long as the bank can provide the documents that the embassy need, then use or provide them. Lastly, my fund source is mostly job salary which is being credited by the bank automatically. I seldom put extra earning to it.


  2. By Ja on

    Hi Jerry! Thanks for your blog. As we will apply on November pa naman, but of course, with the financial aspect– we have to really save up and at least with the amount you mentioned (P43K) or above. It feels somehow safe. You mentioned though that “An account with history and good balance prior or during the application is advisable.” Do you think it’s okay to deposit a big chunk of money before you get a bank certificate? I mean I’ve read blogs and they do not recommend this as the embassy may see this on a negative note.



  3. By Heyitsjami on

    Hi! Me, my sister and my friends will be travelling to Korea this coming December. I’m really afraid that my VISA will be denied. We already booked a flight. My problem is we will use my father’s documents and he is an OFW. He doesn’t have any savings account, but he has a payroll. It’s not allowed for deposit, only for withdrawal. Is there any way we can do? Thanks.


    • By on

      I’m re-writing the comment below to ensure delivery.

      “The feeling is normal. XD Submit complete requirements, then let the embassy do the job. Regarding your father’s account, you can use it. An account with history and good balance prior or during the application is advisable. Issuance of documentations can be verified with the bank. Your other option is to use another one with banking history.”


  4. By Grace Reprado on

    Hi, does your bank statement covers the 3 month required period? Because the one I got from BPI Binondo covers only 75 days (Mar 1-May15).


  5. By Yerim on

    Hi! I know that this post was old but this is also my concern regarding my Korean visa application. I would like to ask if do you think LandBank Savings Account (payroll) can also be used in my VISA application? Thank you!


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