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My KrisFlyer Card Delivery

I flew for the first time with Singapore Airlines last April. Prior to that, I signed up for an account on their website and I remembered entering a mailing address where they will send my KrisFlyer membership card.

After two weeks, I emailed them to check on the card delivery. I did not bother to follow up after not getting a reply from them aside from the automated receipt confirmation email.

I didn’t expect to get a card in the mail after I read something online that there’s a digital version in the Singapore Airlines app. Surprisingly, after a few months, I received a KrisFlyer envelope in the mail.

KrisFlyer Membership Card

KrisFlyer Membership Card

According to the stamp, it arrived in the country on May 22, 2017 and it was received by the local post office after two days.

It took two months and a half before the mail was successfully delivered. No wonder though! Haha. I’m still thankful that I was sent a card. I think the card was sent through regular airmail which really takes time to arrive.

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