Installment in Lazada Without Credit Card? Possible!

Is there such a “Home Credit” in Lazada? Well, there is!

Introducing, Billease.

To remedy the problem, Lazada partnered with Billease which is a lending company. To buy an item with their help on an installment plan is not as easy as 123 though. Like Home Credit, they assess an applicant. Therefore, you should have a source of income as well as documents.

Tried Them Out

I would have never discovered Billease if I did not think of getting a MacBook to replace my laptop. I’m short of cash then. So, I checked if there’s an installment option.

The idea seems to be viable. However, card installment is exclusive to BDO cardholders at that time. I tried looking for a solution, and luckily, Google recommended Billease. Though their website seems dubious, I still tried them.

The online application is as tedious as applying for a credit card. I submitted a few pictures like of my UMID or whatever to confirm my identity and income.

“Billease” prides themselves on their one banking day process. I applied on January 18, 2018, and they congratulated me through email the next day at 8:06 p.m.

Approval confirmationWith much excitement, I immediately signed into the website, and then there was the unpleasant information. Billease approved just 4,500 pesos of credit. It’s not enough to cover the balance, but I’m still thankful.

Please note that Billease never called me for verification or whatever purpose. They only sent emails.

So What to Do with the Credit?

If you applied and got approved, you can redeem your available credit online in the form of a promo or voucher code that you can use on Lazada. You can set any amount up to the limit.

This is where you enter the promo code from BilleaseWhen you request a voucher code, the system will ask the amount you want to redeem as well as your preferred payment schedule; twice a month, monthly, or whatever. Lastly, it will ask you to sign the contract digitally which you can download.

Requesting a promo codeIt takes time to get a voucher code. I think Billease posts it only on business days. Probably, after Lazada created it.

Please note that a voucher code expires after three days if not used. Your credit limit will revert to the previous amount, and you can request another one.

By making a payment, you’ll be able to replenish your credit. Just like a credit card.


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  1. Hi.. if in case i will not accept the small amount given by billease, can i decide to cancel my application and forget billease? If you receive notice of approval does it mean that it is already final and you need to use the voucher given by them? No change of mind?

    1. Not sure if you can cancel your application, but “cancelling an account” seems to be an option. Check out their terms and conditions. It’s up to you whether to use a voucher or not. You will not pay anything if you don’t have a completed Lazada order.