LOOK: What Swim Central Did to Me

This is me now after completing the basic and survival swimming program of Swim Central.

Islas de Gigantes 🇵🇭

Tinanlakan Cliff 🇵🇭

If you want to learn how to swim and make friends, don’t hesitate. I can vouch for SC. Your three thousand pesos can earn you a lifetime skill. Just make sure to take each session seriously.

Swim Central offers both basic and survival program. The first one has 6 sessions for a total of 8. Each lasts for one and a half hour.

SC will teach you freestyle and breaststroke swimming in the basic program, and the most exciting ones, floating techniques and water treading, in the survival program. Here’s an example: 🤣

Mares, Makati

Want to be an SC student? Here are a few tips for you:

  • You can choose the day, time, and venue for each session.
  • You can avail two sessions in a day depending on the available schedule in your preferred venue.
  • It is possible that you are the only student in a session unless someone registers into the same slot with you. You’re lucky if you are alone.
  • You just have to show up on your chosen schedule and venue, and meet the assigned coach. You’ll most likely receive a text message a day before.
  • You may be assigned to another coach on your next session.
  • You are allowed to change your plotted schedule up to three times. Take advantage of this if you have a tight schedule
  • You’ll pay the entrance fee if there is in your chosen venue. Hundred, fifty?
  • To save money from entrance fees, get two sessions in a day.
  • You are expected to wear proper attire. “Felix bakat”/trunks for guys 🤣 SC will send you the list of proper attires.
  • To maximize the time, arrive early in the venue and dress up. You can stay at the venue after each session. Basta ba hindi pa magsasara.
  • You can enroll through Messenger. Available venues and schedule are posted on SC website.
  • You can deposit your payment to a bank account. SC will provide instructions. Choose the most convenient for you.
  • After you complete your chosen program, practice and practice especially in the open sea!

☝🏾This ain’t a paid review.

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