Dragon Nest SEA Manual Patch Installation Guide

There are two ways to install a game patch in Dragon Nest SEA. You can either download the update directly from the game launcher or install the manual patch instead.

Manual Patch Installation Guide

Often times, Cherry Credits posts latest game patch on or before the scheduled release date in CC forums and on the DN SEA official website.

First, you need to download the game patch. Move the file to Dragon Nest folder.

The default installation folder of Dragon Nest is located in this path: C:\CherryDeGames\Dragon Nest

Use Windows Search if you can’t find Dragon Nest folder and in case it is installed in a different root folder other than the default one.

Now, you’re ready to execute the .exe file. Double-click it or right-click the file then select Run as administrator.

Click Run Anyway if you get a Windows SmartScreen error in Windows 8.

Wait for the installation to finish. You’ll get a confirmation after the patch is completed. Click OK to close the installation window.

Manual Patch Installation - Dragon Nest SEA

Manual Patch Installation – Dragon Nest SEA

Note: Make sure to install the game patches in sequence or else you’ll get a mismatch error. If the current client version is 100, make sure to install patch 101 first followed by 102 and so on and so forth.

You can check the game client version by going to the Dragon Nest folder then open the Version.cfg file using NotePad or WordPad (Right click – Open With)

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