Our Masasa Beach Itinerary (Overnight Trip)

Finally, we stepped foot on Masasa.

Without further ado, here’s the itinerary for our recently concluded overnight trip in Tingloy, Batangas.

Note: We started the trip in Manila.

Day 1 (Thursday)

4:15am – In Buendia, we rode on a DLTB bus bound for Batangas Grand Terminal. The fare for the an hour and 45-minute trip is PHP185.00. No stopover and picking up of passengers along the way.

Our bus doesn’t have free WiFi, so you may want to check for an alternative.

6:30am – At the Grand terminal, we rode on a jeepney bound for Anilao Port. The trip took an hour.

We paid this at a stopover before reaching the port (the driver said so). However, you can pay it together with another environmental fee at the port. See below.

See the difference? There’s a separate environmental fee for the municipality of Tingloy. That’s where Masasa is.

Got free time before the boat trip, so we spent it for groceries, snack and registration. There’s a market in the port!

8:55am – Almost a 40-minute public boat trip from Anilao Port to Tingloy, Batangas. The fare is PHP80.00 (to be paid to the collector before the arrival).

9:32am – A short trike ride to Masasa Beach from the port.

From the drop-off, you have to walk this way to reach the beach.

We don’t have an advance reservation, so we just checked in one of the available rooms at the beachfront. We availed a kubo at D’Mariners for PHP1,200.00.

10am~ – Cooked our lunch, then prepped for island hopping. Most transient homes in Tingloy provide free use of kitchen or any other freebies.

Note: The internet connection at the beachfront is poor. Also, the power source in the island is not 24/7. Some accommodations like ours use generators at night.

Sari-sari stores are available.

2pm~ – Island hopping for PHP1,200.00. We did fish feeding, swimming and snorkeling as well.

We’ve visited Sumbrero Island, a cave (forgot the name), etc.

Watch the video below. I only experienced it in Tingloy. During snorkeling, you can grab onto a tie while the boat drags you. 😆

Masasa is reach in marine life. We recommend underwater cam! You’ll definitely love the turtles and other sea creatures.

Note that we’re only two and our host assigned us with a small bare boat.

5pm~ – Back to the beach. We took pictures in the farm and we’ve visited the lagoon. Walking distance! No entrance fee!

6pm~ Washed up, prepped dinner, then sleep time

Day 2 (Friday)

6am~ To the peak of Mt. Magasawang Bato. The guide fee is 500 pesos good for 5.

We reached the peak in less than an hour. Note that we just brought with us a few items. Most importantly, water!

We are suppose to trek at 4:30am, but since our guide needed to tend to his kids, we’ve got to wait an hour or so. We noticed that, prolly for safety, our host doesn’t want to assign us with a non-certified guide despite some locals offering assistance.

8am~ Back to the accommodation, prepped breakfast, washed up, then we checked out.

I will not be explaining our route back to Manila. It’s just the same except that we did not pay fees.

At the Grand Terminal, there are buses with restroom, free WiFi, and TVs. You may want to ride with them.

Lastly, you know the traffic in Manila. Start your return trip as early as you can.

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