McDonald’s: Why Order on Their Website

While it is possible to order from McDonald’s in-app or online, I’d rather place an order on their website as much as possible. Why? It is because the app is buggy.

I ordered using it before and it crashed in the process. I restarted it only to find that my items are gone. Annoying! Even the previous reviewers in the App Store mentioned the same thing.

The app was not updated since July of this year. Perhaps, it is the cause of unique issues voiced out by many users.

My first successful order using it took time from installation, signing-in until checkout with a few faults in between. So, imagine the frustration.

I noticed that the order confirmation took time to arrive versus ordering online, but the delivery time-frame remained the same.

Since McDonald’s have not released an update yet, all orders will be continuously placed online which I prefer and recommend.

Currently, their app has a rating of 2.5 stars in the App Store, while a decent one in the Play Store.

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