What Is FedEx Indirect Signature Required?

Indirect Signature Required is one of the three signature service types that FedEx offers. The other two are Direct Signature Required and Adult Signature Required.

Fedex came up with this service type so that a consignee will still get his package even if he’s not at the delivery address. Let’s say you’re expecting a package sent through Fedex Express. As an option, you may leave a door tag together with your name, signature and a simple note instructing the driver to leave your parcel in a secured place. For some reasons, he might be unable to leave your package. What he will do is leave a FedEx Door Tag to inform you about the delivery and other options to get your package. There are instructions provided in the form if you want to pick up your package instead or have someone else received it such as landlord, building manager, neighbor etc. All you need to do is to fill it out.It is also possible that the driver will attempt another delivery so check the form thoroughly.


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    Thank you for this information. Do you know what the difference between direct signature and adult signature is for FedEx packages?


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