Missing Samsung Apps Store

Is Samsung Apps Store missing in Kies? Here’s another trick that you can do – Change region.

The Samsung Apps Store will not appear in Kies if the default region is incorrect or the Apps Store is not available in that country. For example, I live in South Korea but I installed Kies from Samsung US website. I’m only getting “Podcast Channel” under Store after which. The Samsung Apps and Music Store are both missing.

It is recommended to download Kies from the Samsung localized website for your country but to save time from redownloading, here’s what you can do to change region easily.

Change Region

The following steps are applicable to Windows OS only. Make sure to close Kies before proceeding.

For Windows 8.1 and earlier versions:

Press Windows Key + R to access Run window. Type in regedit then press Enter. Click Yes if you get a User Account Control (UAC) warning message.

Go to this path in the Registry Editor Window: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Samsung\Kies2.0

Change Region via Registry Editor

Scroll down and find Region. Double-click it to edit. Change the Value Data to the correct country code. Use the standard ISO two-letter country code. Check out this link if you don’t know the abbreviation code of your country.

Click OK to save. Go to File > Exit to close the window.

Samsung Apps Store

Now, open Kies and check the Store tab. See sample screenshot above.

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