Mobile Legends: Movement Wheel Setup

What is the movement wheel setup for in Mobile Legends?

What’s the purpose of this option? What happens if fixed position is off or on?

The first time I read it from the patch mail, I didn’t understand what it really does because ML didn’t explain further. They just gave a short description which was a bit of a challenge.

I thought it’s going to be a helpful feature especially for those who are using traditional smartphones or phablets, and it has something to do with the movement wheel in-game which is by default located at the lower-left corner. Some would refer to it as the joystick.

Upon testing, the option has really something to do with the controller.

If fixed position is set to ON, the joystick’s position at the left side is fixed and it won’t budge, though a player can press outside [near the edge of the wheel] and maneuver a character.

Default position of the joystick or movement wheel in ML

If set to OFF, a player can press anywhere within or on the joystick’s surrounding [near the edge of the wheel], hold-and-drag upper-right, left, right, circular, or lower-left, and the joystick will follow or adjust accordingly from its fixed position. A player may maneuver its hero moving forward on its new position after doing so. It will quickly go back to its original position once hold is released.

I find it helpful since I have a long thumb which is struggling pressing on my device when the movement controller is at its fixed position [near the edge]. Hence, my friends laugh at me when they saw my thumb bended. 😂

Enabling the option somehow eases the struggle which is also a good alternative while transitioning to a bigger screen.

The joystick can’t go as far as the middle. 😂

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