MOBILE LEGENDS: Spotting the Real Sun

First, lemme just clarify that I’m just an average player in Mobile Legeds [ML]. Not an expert! and I’m just going to share my observations.

Spotting and hitting the real Sun in a match and if he has clones can be a challenge for beginners.

I asked too for an opinion from a friend before who just reiterated an obvious fact that the clones have shorter HP. 😂 But, do I have to try hitting them one-by-one until I find the real one? Haha! That’s tedious and I may have become a soul by that time.

One thing I observed was most clones have the same movement [synchronized], and one will move differently.

Most of the time that guy is at the back or at an advantageous spot for hitting, escaping, whatever. Thus, if I saw a monkey moving differently. That’s what I hit or attack especially if the damage done is of an hero. I mean unlike the damage on clones which only take a few hits to kill.

Lastly, to do things efficiently, especially if I’m using Hero Lock mode, I just tap Sun’s avatar beside the skill buttons if I’m near him or my skill’s AoE [Area of Effect], then the system will automatically pinpoint the real one. See featured image above and the red highlighter or marker surrounding the current target – the real Sun who’s running at that moment. XD

If time or an opportunity permits, I’ll kill him immediately especially if he’s already locked to my abilities or basic attack.

Hero Lock mode can be found under the gear icon or Settings menu.

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