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Mobile Legends: Retrieving Lost Account

First, let me just clarify that this is not a specific step-by-step guide on how to retrieve a lost account in ML. I’ll be sharing instead my personal experience.

Recently, my phone became inoperable and I didn’t have a choice, but to reset everything.

I have to reinstall all third-party apps including ML. I never thought that I will lose my account, until the app prompted me to create a username. [Weird! and that made me worry.]

I patiently followed the on-screen instructions and completed the tutorial. This time I’m already nervous of what’s going on. I thought the app will recognize my Play Store account and load my game details automatically.

Wrong. 😖 I already completed the tedious tutorial and I just got a new account. Grrrr.

Due to dismay, I tried to search for a helpful topic in the FAQ section. I found a related article, but the last instruction was to contact customer service and provide account details.

I heard of ML’s weird customer service, so I decided not to contact them.

I tried finding an alternative solution. Good thing, I found the switch account option under the Account Settings which is under the profile picture at the upper-left hand corner in the Battle tab.

I pressed it and it gave me three sites where I could have possibly linked my account. See screenshot above.

Thankfully, I attached it with my Facebook. So, I chose it in the list and signed in.

The system showed on-screen the associated account’s details which I “thought” accurate [not sure with the ID number], so I just confirmed it by pressing a certain button.

After that, it prolly asked me to restart the game and voila! my main account was finally loaded!

P.S. I just realized how important binding an account is. XD


  1. By Andyy on

    Hey, can someone help me? There’s someone binding his Facebook account to my Mobile Legends account. Help please :(


  2. By on

    Pls help me I didn’t bound my acct and I switched to another acc then I switched it back. It’s gone and I tried contacting the stupid ML customer service and I complete all the question and it took a long time to send me a reply.


  3. By Ronnie on

    DUDE! You’re a SAVIOR!! Had to buy a new phone today and this happened to me and I almost lost my cool… Thank you so much for sharing.


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