Mobile Legends: Retrieving Lost Account

Lost your account in Mobile Legends? I share in this post the steps I did to retrieve mine without contacting Moonton’s customer service.

First, let me clarify that this is not a step-by-step guide on how to retrieve a lost account in Mobile Legends.

Resetting is Painful

My Android phone suddenly became inoperable recently, and I resorted to resetting it. I had to reinstall all third-party apps including ML. Everything went smoothly until the game asked me to create a username.

I was skeptical of the instructions. Still, I patiently followed them and the tutorial on-screen. I thought that the application would automatically load my original account, but I was wrong.

I completed the tedious tutorial, and what I got was a new account.

Due to my frustration, I searched everywhere in the FAQ section for a solution. I came across a relevant article, but the last instruction was to contact customer service. I refused to do it because of the numerous feedback, mostly negative ones, I’ve read online.

I then looked for an alternative solution until I discovered the “Switch account” button in the Account Settings tab.

Log in to the existing Mobile Legends account

I pressed that button, and it gave me options; Google Play, Facebook, VK, and Moonton, where I could have possibly linked my account.

Binding methods

I’m clueless, but I chose Facebook, then signed in on the next page.

The game showed a matched account which I “thought” was correct (not sure of the ID number though), so I pressed the next button. If my memory serves me right, it asked me to restart the app, and voila! My original account is back.

P.S. I just realized how vital binding an account is.

Should you need assistance, feel free to email me here. Make sure that your email address is valid if you want to hear from me. If you want, you can also inquire through the comments section below. You may also read the inquiries from other readers.


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84 replies on “Mobile Legends: Retrieving Lost Account”

I hope that this account will be back to me because that account is hacking with un-familiar person

How to recover my account please help me to my account I dont know kung pano nawala pls help me.
IGN – ντόχοντσο
Server – 3791

How to recover my account please help me to my account I dont know kung pano nawala pls help me.
IGN – JhenCenon04
Server – 3056

I lost my account. It is not bind to any recovery accounts. My ign is •ɠɾҽყ• my server number is 3236. Thanks.

Please help me retreive my acc. Can I just put my old ID number? Actually I screen shot my last games name is the_sorcerer level 25 I guess,, please I almost miss my acc. Help me guys please🙏🙏😢😭

Please help me to retrieve my ML vk phone was reset and my gmail and fb account was lost and I can’t connect. I know my ML I’d and even my diamond and hero.even my number don’t recognize.pls

Pleade help me. My Mobile Legend account is lost and I don’t know my ID acct.level 27 pls….pls…. help me

How to retrieve my old account if it is not bound in any platform? Please help. I missed my old account. It’s name is kagura and it is level 30 and picture of joker.

Please help me. My new updated account lost/can’t connect to WiFi. There was an error and it won’t let me play anymore. I noticed my game went back to a former version. I don’t know what to do anymore. It still won’t let me play. hhhmmmpp

Hey, can someone help me? There’s someone binding his Facebook account to my Mobile Legends account. Help please :(

First of all, I’m not a sir, but I’ll try to help. Well. At the find friend button, press it. Search your former name, view it, then at the bottom right, press the button that says “want to log in on your former account”, then done. Oh yeah. I’m a girl.

Pls help me I didn’t bound my acct and I switched to another acc then I switched it back. It’s gone and I tried contacting the stupid ML customer service and I complete all the question and it took a long time to send me a reply.

Well. You have to search your Mobile Legend name. View your former account, then on the bottom right, it says “do you want to connect to your former account” and you just press it.

I lost my account because I totally forgot I was not bounded in any FB, Google or VK :(, then I switched to other account and now I can’t get back to my main glorious 300+ stars and last season 500+. Please help me.

DUDE! You’re a SAVIOR!! Had to buy a new phone today and this happened to me and I almost lost my cool… Thank you so much for sharing.

please help account was hacke
i spend lots of money for my account.
my id 45187561 (server 2073)
name of my acc before hacked Ajuune93
now hacker use name GANN

Please Retrive my Lost account i’m using PC HardwareMemu App to play Mobile Legend and it’s connect in my device but when the new season come my account was not connect and it’s need to log in again but i forget when i connect it FB,Moontoon and Etc.Please Help Me Asap!!!
Account Name:Aggressive

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