MP3 Alarm Tone in Samsung Galaxy Y: Android Tips

Tired of using the same old alarm tones on your Samsung Galaxy Y phone?

Not anymore! Make your Samsung Galaxy Y play MP3 as alarm tone.

The guide below will show you how to do it.

MP3 Alarm Tone

Step 1. Go to Application → My Files

Step 2. Open media folder and check if there is a sub-folder named alarms.

Create one if there’s none.

Create Alarms Folder

■ Press Menu Key
■ Select Add Folder
■ Name the folder: alarms (all lowercase)
■ Press OK

Alarms Folder - Alarm Tone

All music files you want to include on alarm tones list will be kept in that folder.

You are now ready to add MP3 files on it.

Step 3. Go back to media folder.

Step 4. Select an MP3 file from the list.

Tap the file name until it pulls up the selection screen.

Note: Music files are saved in media folder by default unless you moved it in a different folder.

Step 5. Select Copy

Select Copy

Step 6. You will be redirected to the parent folder.

Go to alarms folder again. Select Paste here.

Go to alarms folder again. Select Paste here.
The MP3 file is now added to alarm tones.

Set Up MP3 File as Alarm Tone

In this section, you will learn how to set up an MP3 file as alarm tone.

Step 1. Go to Application → Clock

Step 2. Select Alarm icon

Step 3. Select a time entry in the list until it pulls up the selection screen.

Step 4. Select Edit alarm

Step 5. Select Ringtone

Step 6. Locate the MP3 file you’ve just added.

Select the MP3 file then press OK.
Select it then press OK.


  1. By Anonymous on

    Hello. I tried youre procedure and its working perfectly, but i would like to ask because all of the musics that i selected to add as ringtone is added also on the list of alarm tones. How can i delete it on the alarm list?


  2. By Markus, Austria on

    Thanks works great on my samsung galaxy Y.

    I created the “alarms” folder inside the media/audio/ folder and that was working as well. Looks like the “alarms” folder needs to be somewhere in the media folder.


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