Mt. Pundaquit: How Long to Reach the Viewpoint

It’s 2 hours based on my experience.

My friend and I started at 6:35 a.m and we reached the viewpoint at 8:30 a.m.

All of us are not pro mountaineers, so others can do it perhaps in an hour, or an hour and a half.

More About Mt. Pundaquit

Its trail is rocky. The beginning is a flat one and the rest is assault* which is very exhausting IMO.

During dry season, the trail can be dusty, while muddy and slippery during wet months.

The trail is dry when we hiked in Mt. Pundaquit [November 20]. It’s windy and we really felt the strength of Amihan.

Note: I didn’t mention summit in this post and used “viewpoint” instead because the summit our guide referred to isn’t the peak of the mountain IMO. It’s just the peak of the trail.

Will I Recommend Mt. Pundaquit to Newbies?

Absolutely! Just don’t rush during assault, and I recommend starting trek early morning to avoid the scorching sun.

The trail is 95% bare to the sun, so be prepared.

To create a budget, check this post.

*Assault is a common term in mountaineering which is used to refer to the lengthy and exhausting steep trail of a mountain especially the steep incline to the summit.

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