Mt. Tapyas View Deck Review

Want to climb Mt. Tapyas view deck? Its elevation is around 100 – 200 masl [whatever the exact figure is] which is lower compared to other famous and easy-to-trek mountains in the Philippines. It sounds an easy pie, but it can be exhausting or hard-to-climb especially for first-timers.

The Mt. Tapyas Trail

The way going up the view deck is a cemented ladder. There is a specific number of steps to take which I forgot sadly. XD It is spacious and there are benches along the way. There are vendors too selling water or whatever. Mt. Maculot? Hmmmmm sort of. 😂

The only way to go up Mt. Tapyas is by foot. It’s OK to wear slippers or sandals. In fact, crocs is what I wore during my first visit. 😂

Cross at the view deck

Cross at the view deck

How Long to Reach the View Deck

It took me 15 to 20 minutes. Note that I based it on my pacing.

Google estimate is 22 minutes. 15 if will start in the starting point [zoomed area in the following photo].

My starting point was Coffee Kong. I stayed there until 5:30 p.m before heading to the jumping-off point to catch the sunset. Good thing, the weather didn’t fail me.

Where is the Jumping-Off Point

See the map below. The dotted line is the way I took.

Mt. Tapyas route

The zoomed area is the jumping-off point

Before the climb, I already got an idea about the way because I saw a signage pointing to the view deck near Big Mama’s. I thought I just need to walk along San Augustin St. and I’ll just ask for direction if ever.

It is possible to reach the starting point by tricycle. For those who prefer to walk from a nearby accommodation, just take San Augustin St., or Nuevo or whatever street until the jumping-off point where tricycle drivers park their vehicles and wait for passengers. They are usually offering ride to Maquinit Hot Spring which is a common destination to relax after a tiring climb. There are also vendors. Its where peeps usually buy drinks and light snacks.

During my first climb, I didn’t get lost because there’s a fiesta, and a lot of locals and tourists are going up. Hence, the confidence that I’m on the right track.

The stairway isn’t confusing. Believe me. Just follow the cemented path!

View from Mt Tapyas View Deck

Sunset view from Mt Tapyas View Deck

It’s nice to climb Mt. Tapyas before sunrise or sunset. 😎👌

For night-trekkers, there are lampposts along the way which are helpful.

Note: There’s no fee to go up the view deck.

Please take note that this post has been created based on my personal experience and to serve as a reference.

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