Naver Line Registration on Android

Registering for a NAVER Line account on an Android device is easy. You can start calling and chatting with your friends in a matter of few minutes as long as there is no delay in verification.

To register, the device should be connected to a data network like HSPA, LTE, WiFi etc. Registration is not possible without internet access. A SIM card which is not yet registered is also required. For Android devices with no SIM card, Facebook verification is a good alternative.

The guide below will help you with registration.

NAVER LINE Registration

Open LINE app. Select ‘New User’ in the welcome screen. On the next page, select a country then enter your phone number in the second box. Tap NEXT.

Naver LINE Welcome Screen
Select country and enter phone number

It is also possible to register using a Facebook account. This alternative verification method is only available on iOS and Android version of LINE. Choose this method if you’re Android device doesn’t have a SIM card.

Tap ‘Agree to the terms and verify’ then OK. Naver will send a verification code to the device. Normally, you don’t need to enter the code. The application will read the message and copies the code to the app screen automatically. If not, you have thirty minutes to key-in the code manually.

Tap Agree to the terms and verify
Tap OK to authorize Naver LINE to send verification code

Adding Friends

After the verification, select your preferred setting.

If you choose Auto Add Friends, Naver will access your contacts. It will check contact numbers and e-mail addresses that are registered to Naver LINE and adds it to your Friends list automatically.

The other setting is ‘Allow Others to Add’. This will add your account automatically to other LINE users who have your phone number saved on their device.

Tap OK to proceed.

Upload Photo

The next step is to upload a photo then enter a display name. Tap Register once done.

Up to 20 characters are allowed in display name.

Upload photo then enter a display name

E-mail Registration

This step is optional. If you want to use your account to log-in to LINE PC version then register your email address.

By registering an email address, you can access your previous account information too if you change your number or device.

Email Registration

If you choose to register later on, you may do so by going to More – Settings – Accounts – Email Account Registration

This concludes the LINE registration process on Android devices.

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