Need a Naver Account? Here’s How!

Want to create a Naver account? If YES, read on! This guide will show how to create a Naver account without the need for a translation tool.

Good news! Creating a Naver account has been made easier.

Naver Corporation introduced a new registration process for us who live outside Korea. If their system determined that you’re from another country, it would show the English registration form automatically. That’s why there’s no need for a third-party translator.

Creating a Naver Account

In order to register, an active mobile number is required. Make sure that you can receive a text message.

You can sign up using a smartphone, tablet, or whatever device, however, please note that the Naver website may show differently compared to the screenshots below.

1. Go to

2. Click the 회원가입 [Sign up] link below the “Sign in” button.

Naver sign up option3. Click Join on the next page.

Join Naver4. Provide or select the required information. Here’s your guideline:

  • Username: Use any combination of the lower case [a to z], numbers and underscore. It should be at least 5 characters. You’ll see “Welcome!” if it is available for use.
  • Password: You can use upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols. It should be at least 6 characters up to 16.
  • First and Last Name: You can use English or Hangul.
  • Gender: Select one. :)
  • Birth Date: Type in your birth year followed by the month and date.
  • Recovery Email: I recommend that you provide an email address, preferably Gmail, for recovery purposes in the future.
  • Mobile Number: Select the appropriate country code in the drop-down menu, then type your digits in the box beside it.

Naver Registration Form5. Click the “Verify” button. You will receive a text message from Naver afterward which contains the 6-digit verification code.

Please wait for the text message within 15 minutes. If you did not receive it, verify the number or try to use another one.

Verify Mobile Number6. Type the verification code in the last box, then click the “Confirm” button. The system will tell you if the verification is successful.

Mobile verification is successful7. Depending on the system, it may require you to answer a CAPTCHA.

8. Click the Sign Up button and that’s it!

Sign up is limited temporarily.“, or “Sign-up has been limited.” may mean that the system blocked sign-up attempt from your IP address.

One Login for Different Services

Aside from Mail, you can use your account to access other Naver services such as Me, Blog, Game, Café, Office, Memo, NDrive, Calendar, Web Novel, Manhwa [Comics], KiN, et cetera.

Naver will require you to complete the identity verification via i-PIN or using a mobile phone before you can purchase or download items.

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P.S. Should you need assistance, feel free to email me here. Make sure that your email address is valid if you want to hear from me. If you want, you can also inquire through the comments section below. You may also read the inquiries from other readers.

135 replies on “Need a Naver Account? Here’s How!”

Hi my problem also is I can’t sign up, it’s the IP adress. After I receive my code it says my Ip adress don’t match. I’m here in Kuwait but I’m from Philippines originally. I can’t register. Please do some action on it. I really want to see my favorite artist from Korea. :(

i already filling up for the register form for 8 time still the naver says sign up is limited temporarily. It already verified my number, but when i click the sign up button, the modal show up and it says – sign up is limited temporarily. I’m from Philippines. Problem Issued Date – 11 August 2020.

I want to create an account for me to be able to use NAVER Whale Browser. And Sign In and account later when i got myself registered. Please help me with this issue. I have not yet created an account. Because this problem is always making me hard to get register.

Needing Help…..

I have put everything in but it keeps saying to put my name in either english or korean, but I already did. I typed it in english so im confused.

I did follow the above process and got an account with Nave. But right after I’ve log in my account with the Naver map App, soon I was blocked out with “Mobile verification is not supported in suspicious network. Please contact customer services center.” The help link will take you to all Korean site where I can’t read them. On the other hand, I am to cheap to pay for any VPN in China (PS. free VPNs don’t work most of the time). Not sure about the “suspicious network” issue, any suggestion?

Hi! Would you please explain to me, can I change back the phone number of my account. I change phone number once, already confirm new number, but for some reason I need to change it back. Could it be possible? Or can I use my old phone number to register a new account? Thank you so much for helping.

Hello, I want to ask. I tried from the Naver app and the web and both were from phone. From the app, it said temporary error when I tried to click the verify number button. And on the web, I succeed that phase and already received the code but it said sign up was limited temporarily. What should I do? T_T

I’m trying to sign up however, it’s saying I have an anonymous safe phone number. I have zero clue what that is, but it may have to do with an app I used to call my family generating a new number. I’m not sure how to undo this since my phone is active. Please help. I’m lost.

The verification code. I can’t find it either on none of my messages or my gmail account. What app did you find your verification code in?

My account was blocked and I don’t know why. I think because I was inactive. Do you know how to unblock an account?


I’ve tried several times to register but the message comes back ‘phone number already in use by other user.’ I even tried a relatives number but always get this message.

Hey! Thanks for sign in, but I am having problem in authentication of cell phone in Naver. While authentication I choose foreigner, but the country code for number is not asked. Instead, three service provider option is given. SKT, KT, and LGU+ are given. Hence, not able to authenticate the mobile no.

Hi, thanks for the guide, but I’m having trouble filling in the username because when I entered a username that have letters, numbers in it , it’s not accepted, and it also doesn’t say that the username is taken. Please help me. Thanks.

I had that issue too, but I realized it’s because there’s a capital letter in the username. So, make sure there’s no capital letter and it should work.

Hey there, I wanted to know do you get a free streaming pass for a few days after signup on Naver? And either way what are the other sites that do give out free passes for the first few days?

So, I know this is old, but whatever.
Is that really true? I mean, did you try it? Because I remember creating my Naver account without much problem before this post, but buying webtoons was, and still is, impossible without the i-PIN or a Korean phone number.

I think I’m stupid. They don’t accept any username I use, and I tried everything. I didn’t use capital letters and only signs from a-z, numbers and special characters >_< Please help.

Hi! Jerry,

I have an account already in Naver. However, when I join into certain cafe, it says I need an i-pin for blindness or something. Can you please help me with this? Thanks in advance.

How to get i-PIN to verify your age? I like to read some manwha. Can you instruct how to verify? I’m not a Korean, but I want to read “I” once again. Thanks.

I got same problem with this. I want to join a cafe, but it said need i-PIN or Korean phone number to verify. Thank you for the help. :)

Hi there! Thanks for this. I’ve registered, but I’d love to be able to purchase the Cheese in the Trap webtoon (Line Webtoon doesn’t have the complete comic). I try to purchase and I’m prompted again to verify using either i-PIN or phone, but only Korean phone companies are available. Is there a way to purchase a webtoon as a foreigner? I tried using the help features, but between Google Translate and the lack of a simple “Send your question to us here” form, I just got lost. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, Is anyone else getting a message saying the number is unavailable? I get this message after the verification and hit sign up. Thanks.

Jerry, that’s a great explanation on how to register on Naver!
I’m just wondering and maybe this question may seem idiotic, but I couldn’t really find any other help: Are you allowed to sign up there, even if you’re a) not of korean heritage and b) living outside of South Korea (for example: France, Germany, Netherlands, etc…)


By any chance would you know how to get started with Naver Advertising. Searched the entire web for a support email to Naver, but no luck. Was wondering if you happen to know or know someone familiar with the process. Any feedback will greatly be appreciated.

The website is totally in Korean. I can’t understand a thing and I do not know how to translate the whole website in English. Is there a way?

Hello Jerry! I really need some help with registering on Naver. As you may know, Naver has updated their registration form, and I need an account to buy some things from artists abroad. I tried to register, but each time I would get “Sign up is limited temporarily. Please contact Customer Service.” I’ve tried reading through comments, but to no such luck. Customer Service is of no help either, and I’ve scoured Google for any answers. Nothing.

I hope to hear your reply soon! D:

I’m sorry, but I don’t have a straightforward solution for that error. Already registered multiple accounts for the sake of updating this guide, but I haven’t encountered such. For real. -.-

Your instructions provide a good start, but you need to add an explanation of what the actual sign-up screen is asking for. Some of it, I could kind of figure out, but had to ask for help from an employee of the cafe where I am using the computer! And, like IMyMeMine above, I keep getting some sort of message in Korean in red type, which I am assuming means Sign up is limited temporarily, but I have no way of knowing! If you want your info to be complete and the most helpful possible, you should add the info in English for the last screen, including what the message “sign up is limited temporarily” looks like. Thanks!

Thanks for the input. BTW, what last screen are you referring to? Regarding the “Sign up is limited temporarily” error, I thought I already answered that question previously. Anyway, as per Naver, that has something to do with IP address. They did not clarify it they are blocking IP addresses or whatever. Their customer service is kinda vague about it.

What’s with the “Sign up is limited temporarily, please contact customer service”?. I can’t finish making the account. Please help me!

I’m also having the same problem. “Sign up is temporarily limited”. I have followed your guide step by step. huhu

If you read the guide carefully, you’ll be able to register properly.

You may use any letters from a to z, numbers, and underscore [minimum of 5 and maximum of 12]. Take note, a to z. Lowercase only.

Hi! I have a problem. When I type the code then click “Sign Up”, it says that “sign up is temporarily limited.” What can I do? Thanks in advance.


I’ve already created an account, but how can I change my birth year? I need to access Naver Café, but it didn’t allow me until I verify my birth year. Please show me a way to change it as detailed as possible.

I’ve changed the registration form to Korean, but it’s the same as English one. There isn’t any blank space for birth-year. There are only 2 spaces: “birthday” and “birth month”. So what can I do?

Hmm… o there’s no way to change my birth-year huh? :(

Wonder why you have a box to fill in your b-y but I don’t.

Ah. Where do you come from? I’ll try to fake IP to your country and register a new Naver account. Hope it’ll work :)

Did you already create an account? If no, adding a birthyear in the English registration form is not possible. However, there is a workaround. Just change the language of the form to Korean or Hangul and use it to register.

I’m not sure if Naver no longer accepts registrations from overseas which I doubt. I can’t find a way to complete the phone verification. I’d been digging the customer service page, but their guides are also outdated. Let’s just wait for them to fix the registration page in the meantime.

Hi Jay, I was able to register an account with Naver, via an english registration form with only one problem. It asked me my date and month of birth, but not my year, and I’m finding I can’t access some content due to age restrictions. Do you happen to know if it’s possible to either change this?

Hi! There’s no way to change the birth date in “My Account” page. I think it will be updated automatically if you authenticate your account via i-PIN. If you don’t have an alien registration number or KSSN, then there’s really no way to change it. Perhaps, you can try emailing Naver Support, and request update of birth date. I’m not sure if they can do that. OR, create another account. Just make sure to change the language to Korean in the terms and conditions page so you will be redirected to the Korean registration form which is exactly identical to the English form. The birth year box is working there. You need to enter it manually. e.g. 1990. As per the phone verification, probably you can borrow a phone number from your sibling, or friend. They will not be charged though, and Naver doesn’t spam.

Is there a Naver website in English language? Because I want to create LINE. There is no Naver website in English? or you can just show us how to turn it English? THANKS

I’m stuck at step 6. There’s a pop-up but I can’t see the ‘여기’ anywhere on the pop-up… I keep seeing ’14세’ so I’m guessing i’m underage?…

Excellent information. thank you for sharing.
I’ve been trying to set up a searchad account on Naver (as a foreigner), but am running into some issues. Is there any chance that you could create a similar walkthrough guide for

When I get to Step 6 and click the handyphone button, no box pops up. My pop-up blocker is set to shows when something has been blocked at the top of the web page, but that is not occurring so I don’t know what the issue is. Any ideas what’s going on?

Not sure why you’re not getting a pop-up blocker notification. Try to disable your pop-up blocker temporarily. After signing-up, turn it on again.

but how to finish this

실명 확인을 하지 않으셨습니다.
유료/게임/성인서비스 등 일부 서비스는 실명확인 후 이용하실 수 있습니다

I don’t know how to thank you :)
I tried a lot over the years, but finally after your tutorial I was able to register.
Thank you so much :)

Hi, for the country code, I cant see mine. It only has 010 011 016-019 so does it mean I wont be able to register?

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Okay, I’ll try it out again tonight and edit this post (*like this*) to give feedback. I really appreciate how fast you have been responding to this!

I checked Naver’s Customer Service page and I got this info:

For nickname, you can use Hangul up to 10 characters. If you use English alphabet, it can be 2-20 characters long and numbers can be used as well.

I checked my two accounts and my nicknames are like this -> ExaMpleonly, exampleonly123

For password, I usually use small characters plus one special symbol like @ then a few numbers. Example: atlas123@

I did and it said it was available but a pop-up window appears when I click the “agree” (or “next”) button and I can’t copy the text or screen capture it to show you. Do you have any tips on making a nickname or password? (I was looking around and there is an old tutorial for the old version of signing of for Naver and they always made note to captilize everything (except now it specifically tells me to use lowercase for the nickname). Do you have any tips or can you give me some nickname ideas that might allow me to continue you on?

Hi! How come when I’m almost done something pops up and says “자동가입방지용 문자를 정확하게 입력해 주세요”? It stops me from doing anything else. Thank You.

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