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  1. I did follow the above process and got an account with Nave. But right after I’ve log in my account with the Naver map App, soon I was blocked out with “Mobile verification is not supported in suspicious network. Please contact customer services center.” The help link will take you to all Korean site where I can’t read them. On the other hand, I am to cheap to pay for any VPN in China (PS. free VPNs don’t work most of the time). Not sure about the “suspicious network” issue, any suggestion?

  2. Hi! Would you please explain to me, can I change back the phone number of my account. I change phone number once, already confirm new number, but for some reason I need to change it back. Could it be possible? Or can I use my old phone number to register a new account? Thank you so much for helping.

  3. Hello, I want to ask. I tried from the Naver app and the web and both were from phone. From the app, it said temporary error when I tried to click the verify number button. And on the web, I succeed that phase and already received the code but it said sign up was limited temporarily. What should I do? T_T

  4. I’m trying to sign up however, it’s saying I have an anonymous safe phone number. I have zero clue what that is, but it may have to do with an app I used to call my family generating a new number. I’m not sure how to undo this since my phone is active. Please help. I’m lost.