Battery Exhausted Error Message on Nikon Cameras

Battery Exhausted is one of the common errors that you’ll encounter on your Nikon camera. For example, S2500. The main cause is the drained battery itself or it might be defective at all.

Let’s talk about the drained battery first. If this is the cause, then there’s a simple solution for that. Whenever you start your cam, the error will show up. Let’s say even if you charge it, cam turns on automatically. The error will show up then the cam turns off suddenly. It’s not charging at all. Here are the two things that you can do to resolve the issue:

1. Remove the memory card (if there is) and the battery. Put it back again after one minute then charge it again. If the same error pops up and the device isn’t charging, jump to solution number 2.

Note: It doesn’t matter whether you are using a USB cable or an outlet charger. Just don’t use any charger that is not recommended by Nikon. e.g. Universal Charger2. When you turned on the cam, press the power button again when the error pops up. What you’ll do here is to turn off the camera manually. After that, recharge your camera until you get the light signal that will confirm that the device is now charging.

If all else fails, I advise that you go back to the store where you bought your camera. That’s the first thing that you can do (if only if your device is still under warranty). If the battery is defective, then you might get a replacement.

You may also contact Nikon Customer Service at 1-800-645-6687 8AM-12AM EST, 7 days a week for assistance.

7 replies on “Battery Exhausted Error Message on Nikon Cameras”

i have a brand new nikon p1000 and im getting this message on the second time of using camera. i have only taken about 30 photos.

The problem with my cool pix aw130 was the little yellow plastic tab that supposed to keep the battery shoved tightly against the terminals . In time , it wears and the battery no longer makes contact ; hence never getting recharged . The fix is simple ! Cut a 1/4” x 1/4” piece of paper , cardboard , or plastic , and wedge it between the yellow tab and the battery . Then recharge , as before .

My camera is a Nikon coolplix l110 and it takes double a batteries and it does the battery exhausted thing and I don’t know if I need rechargeable batteries or not so…

Didn’t solve the problem. I got the battery replaced under warranty and I still get the message. I really hate this cam.

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