Difference Between Notification and Message Alert Tone

Galaxy Y users mistakenly associate notification tone with message tone. As you may know, there’s a big difference between the two. When you first bought your handset, both notification and message tone are the same. Usually, the default tone is NETPHONE MESSAGE ALERT.

Now, when you try to change the notification ringtone under Sound settings, you’ll notice that the message tone is still on default. You’ll be confused as to why message tone hasn’t changed.

To help you with that let me show you how to customize message alert tone on your Galaxy Y. Here’s how:

-Go to Message
-Press Menu Key
-Select Settings
-Scroll down then Select ringtone.
-Choose your preferred message tone.
-Click OK

That’s it! Remember that path on your phone.You might ask what is notification tone under Sound settings for? You will usually hear it after your phone is fully charged. Your device will alert you using the notification tone.

Note: If you want to use MP3 as message alert tone, check out this guide.

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