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Occupational Permit from Quezon City Hall

I’m not aware that there’s a new City Ordinance that all of those who are working or already employed in the City of Quezon are now required to get an Occupational Permit. I need to get one because it’s one of the requirements of my new employer.

Basically, you need to have these documents before they can process your Occupational Permit:

1. Cedula

PLEASE don’t ever get a Cedula from Quezon City Hall most especially if you’re salary is beyond minimum or don’t ever declare it on a short form that they will provide you. I was really disappointed because this was the very first time that I paid a Community Tax Certificate for ₱254.98 (Wow!). I was shocked when the personnel who processed the Cedula clarified to me the amount twice. I can’t really believe it. I should rather get one in our Baranggay. I’m actually paying not more than ₱20.00 before for Cedula. Also, the personnel asked me:

“Ilang taon na po kayo nagwowork?”
I said “Two Years.”
“Tagal na po pala.” And then he’s trying to compute something on his Jurassic Calculator before he gave me the exact amount that I need to pay.

I was thinking that, so that’s the reason behind it?. I didn’t ask further. I need to go home early. Fine, I’ll pay it.

Again, if you’re going to get a Cedula there, much better if you’re going to declare that you are a student rather or whatever alibi you have just to avoid paying the same amount. Actually, I met some colleagues there and they are also trying to get their own Occupational Permit. We actually have the same experience (paying overpriced Cedula). The old woman paid ₱201.00 and then the young lady just paid ₱68.00 because she said to the personnel who processed her cedula that she is a maid (what a nice idea).

2. NBI Clearance

3. Health Certificate
I assumed that if I already have a Medical Certificate provided by the company, there’s actually no need for me to pay the Health Certificate and I will not undergo any medical examination. Eventually, I paid for it. That’s another ₱100.00. I need to confirm with our HR about this Health Certificate because it caught my attention. I am really disappointed with my journey at Quezon City Hall. And also, I hate the old woman who’s processing the Health Certification. lol I felt it. She was very disappointed when I mentioned that “Hey! I already have a Med Cert provided by the company.”

If you already have those documents at hand, then you’re good to go. Just go to the building at the back of Quezon City Hall or you can ask a guard from there the location of Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO). Once you’re there:

1. Approach the lady in the Reception/Information Area (the one who doesn’t have a Zygomaticus because she doesn’t even know how to smile) where to submit your documents for Occupational Permit.

2. Once you show them your documents, you will be provided with a small slip wherein you need to put your complete name and job title. They will inform you to go to the Health Certification Processing Area. I’m not aware what’s gonna be the process for those who doesn’t have Med Cert yet but in my case I just informed her and she provided me with another slip. You just need to put your complete name there. And also, you’ll notice that she will check two small boxes on it. If my memory serves me right, it’s the Health Certification Fee (₱50.00) and HIV/AIDS Seminar Fee for another ₱50.00. Wow!. They didn’t even told me that I’m scheduled for a seminar or what. lol. So, that’s ₱100.00 all in all for Health Certification Fee. So, you already have two small slips at hand now. After that, you will be instructed to go to the Treasure’s Office to pay the following:

Mayor’s Permit and Picture- ₱95.00
Health Certificate Fee- ₱100.00

3. Once you already paid the two small slips, you will also be provided with two receipts. After that, go back again to the BPLO Office and submit your NBI Clearance, two receipts, and Cedula. They will attach a small slip again to it wherein you need to put again your job title, company name and Civil Status. Once you’re done, go to the Image Capturing Area just beside to the Processing/Releasing Area, submit your documents, sit down on a high chair then look at the webcam and don’t for get to smile. :]

4. All you have to do next is to wait for your name to be called. And that’s it, you’re Occupational Permit is already printed out. Just sign it and place your right thumb marks on it.

The whole process was too fast. I was there for only 30 minutes probably. But then, I’m still disappointed with the total costs and also with the overall customer service.

Mayor’s Permit and Picture- ₱95.00
Health Certificate Fee- ₱100.00
Cedula- ₱254.98

TOTAL: ₱449.98

That’s too much for me already. When I looked at my permit, I saw there that the Health Certificate Fee is only ₱50.00 and the Mayor’s Permit is only ₱75.00 (the picture fee was not included). They should have declared the exact amount for both.

About BPLO and Occupational Permit:

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gosh! it’s the same here in manila city hall where i need to get occupational permit too…nakakaasar…

good morning po… ask ko lang po… taga las pinas po kasi ako…. kaya yung cedula, NBI and police clearance ko dun po naka-address…. pwede po ba yun ang gamitin ko sa pagkuha ng occupational permit? please help me po… first time ko po kasi magwork din so nangangapa po talaga ako… salamat po ng napakarami…. =)

THANK YOU  for this post! This is my first time working in QC, and I wasn’t aware of this “occupational permit.” At angmahal ng cedula! I got one at the PRC and it was just P6.00! 

Same here. I was shocked with the requirements and payments. I thought I’m not gonna need a health card since we already required to have a medical check up in our company. I have to pay 262 just for the health card. 70 pesos for the health card, 50 pesos for HIV seminar which is no longer necessary because I have attended multiple seminars about it during college, 60 for stool exam and 97 for sputum exam. And for the occupational permit? I have to pay 170 pesos. 150 for the permit and 20 pesos for the picture. Ang mahaaaal! Grabe. I thought, i’m only gonna spend 50-150 pesos for that permit. 😕

hi may tanong sana ako about this occupational permit..hir’s my number..need ko kc sa new work ko..sna mtulungan mo ko..slamat po..GODbless! 09268363551

I should have read this before I went to the QC Hall! I also had a fucked up moment in QC Hall in obtaining the occupational permit! In my case, I didn’t get mad with the customer service but with my DAD! He told me we should get to the QC Hall for the occupational permit but it really wasn’t my plan to go to the city hall since I don’t know yet the required documents. He insisted to go to the city hall even though we don’t know yet those requirements. When we went to the first step of the process, we found out Cedula was needed. F*CK!! I have a cedula but I didn’t bring it! My dad’s fault. I should have spent less if he didn’t insist of going to the city hall.

Hi , pde bang mag patulong tungkol sa occupational permit ska health permit .. pareho bang sa city hall yun naku2ha ? sa queson city lng ba meron ni2?
e2 number ko pa tulong nmn .. 09151301217 .. first time ko mka encounter ng gani2ng klaseng requirements .. sa makati kc sss , tin , pag-ibig etc. lng ang kinukuha … pero wlang ganung permit sa makati ..

this is very informative. thank you for this post! i’m going tomorrow to get my occupational permit too! :) hopefully, everything will be alright.. :)

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