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How to Order at Jollibee Delivery Using a Credit Card?

Craving for Jollibee in the middle of the night? Order online at Jollibee Delivery and have your order delivered right to your doorstep.

Craving for Jollibee in the middle of the night? The Jollibee store near your house might be closed but you can still order online via Jollibee Delivery without venturing out.

Jollibee Delivery is usually available 24/7 thus you can place an order any time and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Just sit, wait and relax until the delivery guy knocks on your door.

Jollibee accepts cash on delivery, which is also known as COD, and credit card payment too which is a good option when you run out of cash.

Now, without further ado, here’s a thorough guide on how to effectively place an order at using a credit card. Remember, you can use a debit card too as long as it bears a VISA or MasterCard brand and it has enough funds. No limits or whatsoever! Either enrolled to 3D Secure or not.

Order Online at Jollibee Delivery Using a VISA or MasterCard

First, log-in to your account. It’s free to register if you don’t have an account yet. Registration is as easy as registering for Facebook.

Load up your cart with your desired meals. Your total order must be worth PHP200.00 and above.

All items available in the online store are inclusive of 10% delivery charge.

Add items to your tray - Jollibee Delivery

Click Checkout button when ready.

On the next page, select the delivery address in the drop-down menu or tick ‘Deliver to different address’ if you’d like to enter a new delivery address. Perhaps, you want to treat a friend or whatever.

Select Credit Card as the Payment Method. Click Place Order button.

You will be redirected to, the third-party company that will process the payment. Select the card you’re going to use, Visa or MasterCard, by clicking on the corresponding logo on the screen.

Select the card you're going to use

Enter your card number, expiry date, exact name as shown on the card, and the verification number located at the back of the card. Click Submit > OK to confirm payment.

Enter card details

You’ll get a confirmation if the payment is successful. For card enrolled to 3D Secure, you’ll be prompted to enter your unique transaction password in a separate window.

Done! Just wait for a call from the Jollibee Contact Center.

The order will be updated as ‘Credit Card Complete’ from ‘Pending’ once the order has been confirmed and finalized. An update will be sent to your registered email.

The representative will advise you of the delivery time frame. Now, all you have to do is to wait for your order to arrive.

10 replies on “How to Order at Jollibee Delivery Using a Credit Card?”

Hi if this website still work?o order sana ako using mga card para mag deliver sa bahay which is my house is mindanao butuan city,, let me know thanks

There is no option to pay with my credit card. So annoying. 21st century and is still restricted to paying cash.

I’m an online bloger. I usually get money from my PayPal and it takes 2-4 days to transfer it to a bank account. I’m wishing those merchants start using PayPal mode of payments. I always have money in my PayPal account. PayPal to go so soon on McDonald and Jollibee. Really wish that will happen so soon.

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