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How to Position or Drag Pictures Anywhere on MS Word?

Are you having trouble positioning images on MS Word? If yes, follow the steps below on how to freely drag pictures anywhere on your document.

Positioning Pictures on MS Word

This guide is applicable to Microsoft Word 2007 users. If you are using 2010 version, the procedure is still the same. The only difference is the user interface is changed. If you are using 2013 which is the latest one, kindly search for a guide online about “how to wrap text around a picture”. I haven’t purchased yet the 2013 version that’s why I won’t be able to confirm if the process is same with 2007.

Step 1: Open your document in MS Word.

Step 2: Click the picture you want to position in the document.

Step 3: Go to Format tab then select “Text Wrapping”

By default, when you click on a picture, the Format tab (Picture Tools) will open up automatically in the toolbar. All you need to do is find Text Wrapping option.

Step 4: Choose Behind Text. Text Wrapping and Position options on Microsoft Word 2007

Step 5: Drag the picture in the corner or anywhere you want to place it.

Alternative Option

There’s another way of positioning images on Microsoft Word. There’s an option called “Position” in Format tab as well. It is located beside Text Wrapping. You may also use that feature to position images on your document with text wrapping.

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Adding Custom Fonts on Google Docs

In Google Docs, there are hundred of stylish fonts to choose from. It is one of the reasons why I prefer it over Microsoft Word. It is very simple, easy-to-use plus all the things that I need are on it.

By default, ‘My Font’ list for all users is comprised of 17 fonts. Those are the common fonts that you can see from other word processing software like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. If you are bored of those and wish to add more, you can do so by following the steps below.

Adding Custom Fonts on Google Docs

Note: You can only add custom fonts in a document, presentation or drawing.

Step 1: Log-in to Google Docs.

Step 2:  Create a new document by clicking Create button at the left side of the homepage. Select Document as file type.

Step 3: A new tab will open in your internet browser. Click on Font drop-down arrow beside Font Size.

Step 4: Select Add Fonts… It is the last option in the list.

Step 5: A small window will pop-up. Type in the name of your desired font in the search box then click Find button (the one with microscope icon)

Not all fonts are supported by Google Docs. There are some fonts available on Microsoft Word which aren’t available on Google Docs.

Step 6: Click the font you wish to add. When you click on a font, it will be added to ‘My Fonts‘ automatically.

If you want to remove a font from My fonts list, click X mark beside it.

Step 7: Click OK once you’re done.

You can check the newly added fonts by clicking the fonts list in the formatting toolbar. Those are highlighted so you’ll know what you’ve just added.

Currently, it’s not possible to upload a custom font from other website to Google Docs.


Transferring Funds from Bank Account to GCASH

Earlier today, I got an SMS update from Globe. They are proud to announce that local ATM cards (either credit or debit card) can now be used to reload GCash online. Here’s a preview of the text message:

“FREE GCASH Advisory; Enjoy the convenience of transferring funds from your bank account to your GCASH wallet online! If you have a BancNet or Mega-link-powered ATM account such as Metrobank, RCBC, EastWest Bank, Chinabank, Unionbank and many more, you can now cash-in to your GCASH wallet online….”

As far as I remember, it’s been a long time since they introduced this online service. It’s available both on GCash and GCASH AMEX official website. Actually, I tried it before but Globe did not clarify that it’s still on beta test. That’s why all of my transactions aren’t going through in the past. Now, it seems like they have already finalized it and good-to-go.

The service is for free. You can transfer funds to your GCash wallet at anytime without being charged a transaction fee. Just bear in mind that the lowest amount that can be transferred is PHP500 and the maximum is PHP40,000 per day. If you’re account is already KYC’ed, your daily limit is PHP100,000. That’s one of the benefits of having a verified account. For more information regarding KYC, please refer to this webpage.

Since this service is what I’d been waiting for months, I was too eager to do my first successful transaction. To no avail, I can’t still transfer funds. Not because there’s a problem with my card but there’s a problem with the pop up window where I need to key in my card details. I always get a certificate error. Whenever I get such, I’m getting apprehensive. I was once a victim of online phishing that’s why I’m afraid to just click on Proceed button without precaution.I called GCASH and they don’t know exactly why I am getting such an error. I used both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 but I got the same certificate error. At first, I thought there’s a problem with the time setting on my Windows system. I tried to switch the time zone from GMT+9 to GMT+8 but it didn’t resolve the problem either. The rep asked me what bank card I’m using. I said RCBC. He said that I can transfer funds to my GCash wallet through BancNet alternatively. He walked me through the whole process but I ended up getting an error again.

I’m going to re-update this post once I completed a transfer anytime soon. I will also provide a detailed guide about the process.


Where to Get SSS E-6 Form?

E-6 is the form that you need to fill out and submit when you apply for a Social Security ID. You may download a copy online or get it from any SSS branches that have facilities for ID capture. Remember, not all SSS branches nationwide process SS ID applications.

You may download SSS E-6 form (PDF format) from this link. Just click on the Print button icon in your internet browser to print the two-page form. Use Legal sized paper. You may use Letter-sized paper but the text is too small when shrinked. Print the form back to back instead of separating it into two pages. That’s how the original printed form looks like when you get a copy from SSS.

You may also use the web fill-in E6 form if you don’t want to handwrite your details. Here’s the link. Use either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to access the webpage. Fill out the entire form then print it once you’re done. You are not allowed to save the form with the information you have typed in. If you need multiple copies, print as many as you want because once you close the window, the data will not be saved. If you need to make another copy, you need to start from scratch.

You need to present a two valid ID together with the accomplished form when you drop by to SSS.

You must have at least one monthly contribution to be eligible for an SS ID.Notes:

– SSS no longer issue the original design of SSS ID (the blue one). They are now issuing UMID which is known as Unified Multi-Purpose ID. It’s a universal ID which holds you membership info from other government agencies such as GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-ibig.

– If you haven’t presented or submitted a copy of your birth certificate during your initial application for an SS number, make sure to bring it with you. They need it to validate your information before they process your SSS ID application.

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How to Fix uTorrent Error: Files Missing from Job. Please Recheck?

Are you having trouble seeding a torrent file? Are you getting this error message?

”Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck”

It might be that you renamed the file, changed its location or renamed the containing folder. Whatever you did, you can easily fix this error by following the steps below.

Renamed File

To fix it, what you need to do is change the file name back to its original name. Go to the folder that contains the file right click it then choose Rename. How will you know the original file name?Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck

Usually, torrent files have long names. You can get the original file name from uTorrent (the one with error). File name is located beside File Size. All you need to do is to copy that then paste it when renaming the file from the directory. Don’t include the file extension like .mp4 or .avi. Just the file name.After that, go back to uTorrent, right click the torrent file in error then choose Start. It will now start seeding again.

Changed File Location (Moved To Another Folder) – Renamed Folder

If you moved a file to another folder or changed the original folder name, you might get the same error as well. Or, you might get another error like this: Error: Invalid download state, try resuming.

To fix it, right click the torrent file in error then select Advanced – Set Download Location. Locate and choose the correct folder name that contains the file. After that, right click the torrent file in uTorrent then select Force Re-Check or Start.


Battery Exhausted Error Message on Nikon Cameras

Battery Exhausted is one of the common errors that you’ll encounter on your Nikon camera. For example, S2500. The main cause is the drained battery itself or it might be defective at all.

Let’s talk about the drained battery first. If this is the cause, then there’s a simple solution for that. Whenever you start your cam, the error will show up. Let’s say even if you charge it, cam turns on automatically. The error will show up then the cam turns off suddenly. It’s not charging at all. Here are the two things that you can do to resolve the issue:

1. Remove the memory card (if there is) and the battery. Put it back again after one minute then charge it again. If the same error pops up and the device isn’t charging, jump to solution number 2.

Note: It doesn’t matter whether you are using a USB cable or an outlet charger. Just don’t use any charger that is not recommended by Nikon. e.g. Universal Charger2. When you turned on the cam, press the power button again when the error pops up. What you’ll do here is to turn off the camera manually. After that, recharge your camera until you get the light signal that will confirm that the device is now charging.

If all else fails, I advise that you go back to the store where you bought your camera. That’s the first thing that you can do (if only if your device is still under warranty). If the battery is defective, then you might get a replacement.

You may also contact Nikon Customer Service at 1-800-645-6687 8AM-12AM EST, 7 days a week for assistance.

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Where to Find Samsung Device Pack and Certificate Number?

Samsung introduced Extended Warranty to its consumers to provide continuous support on their products. Basically, it is an extension of the original one year product warranty. First, you need to know that not all Samsung devices are eligible for enrollment. You may check Samsung website to make sure your device can be enrolled for an extension of warranty.

To be able to enroll your device to Extended Warranty, you need to register it first online. Here’s a guide on how to register:

After you register your product, you may now proceed with the enrollment. Just click on Registration link under Extended Warranty then fill out the form. You will be asked to enter the pack number, certificate number and pack purchase date. But, where can you find those information?As you may know, Extended Warranty is not free. Generally, you need to purchase it from Samsung Service Center. Depending on the country you’re in, you may contact Samsung customer service first to check if there are other ways of purchasing Extended Warranty without going to service center.

Upon purchasing of Extended warranty, you will be provided with a certificate containing the pack and certificate number. Those are the things that you need to enter during enrollment.

Extended Warranty form
After you successfully registered your device, extended warranty info will be shown under My Registered Product. Remember, extended warranty is good for a year only. It is advisable to get one after the original one year warranty expires.

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How to Register Your Samsung Phone Online for Warranty?

Samsung already fixed their registration website and customers may now register their products for warranty support.

It is so easy to register your product rather than sending the reply card included in the original box of your device. Currently, there are three ways to register your product, Online, Business Reply Card or through SMS. I will just cover the online registration which is the easiest.

Right after you register, you can immediately file a support ticket if the need arises. All the things that you need are available in Cyber Service Center. In case you need to locate the nearest service center in your area, you may use their service centers list as well. Usually, the warranty is 1 year for parts and labor. Plus, your device can be enrolled for extended warranty which is very common nowadays.

Here are the benefits of registering your product:

1. Register your product under your name.
2. Submit Repair Request.
3. Chat with Samsung support
4. Apply for an Extended Warranty
5. Find service centers
6. Check repair history of your device
7. Identify warranty information; etc.Now, here’s how you register your Samsung phone online:

1. Go to his webpage:

2. Click Product Registration -> Sign Up Now
3. Fill out the registration form.
4. Click Register.
5. Register your Samsung phone by entering its model code, serial number and purchase date

Samsung Galaxy Y Model Number: GT-S5360
Serial number – remove the battery of your phone and locate it on the sticker below the SIM slot.
Purchase date – refer to invoice/receipt provided to you

6. Click Register afterwards
7. Success! Your product is now registered.

In case you need to register another Samsung Product, all you need to do is click the New Product Registration button.

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Tracking a Package Shipped via LBC

Whether you are the sender or the receiver, tracking an LBC package is as easy as pie. There are three ways (or probably more that I’m yet to discover).

You Need This

Knowing a package’s whereabouts is not possible without the essential information.

The most common information needed to track a package is the tracking number. LBC provide one for every shipment, and it is usually provided to the sender.

Here’s an example:

LBC tracking numberThis is an official receipt from LBC where a tracking number is printed. In this example, the tracking number is located below the barcode.

If you are the sender, you can easily track a package using that number. However, if you are the receiver, you should get that information from the sender, merchant or seller. Feel free to request a picture of the receipt as proof of shipment.

💡 Tracking numbers are deleted from the system. Not just sure about the time frame.

How to Track an LBC Package

Do this if you have a tracking number:

1. Go to

The website can be browsed on any working web browser on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

2. Type in or paste your tracking number in the “Track an LBC Padala” box, then press, Enter, Go, Return, or whatever on your keyboard.

Tracking an LBC packageThat’s it! If the tracking number is correct, the delivery status and/or information will appear on the next page. Otherwise, verify the tracking number, then try again.

An update does not reflect on the tracker real time especially for newly-encoded packages. You can try again after a few hours.

The standard delivery time frame for domestic shipments is one business day (Mondays to Saturdays), but it may be deferred.

No Tracking Number? 🤔

If you do not have the tracking number, but can provide other information such as the sender’s name, recipient’s name, delivery address, shipment date, etc., please call LBC’s customer service at 858-5999 if you are in Metro Manila. Otherwise, dial 1-800-10-8585-999.

Please note that mobile calls are subject to regular rates unless you are subscribed to a promo. It is best to contact LBC through landline. Alternatively, you can send them a message through Messenger, though it takes time to get a reply.

What if the Tracker is Down?

Your options are:

– To send a message to LBC through Messenger.
– To call them at 858-5999 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-10-8585999. If you’re using a smartphone, just copy the number then paste it into your dialer 📞 .

In-Transit Requests

If you want to make an adjustment to an in-transit package, you may contact LBC through the methods provided above. For example, you wish to pick up the package at a particular branch instead.

[contact-form-7 id=”6360″ title=”Is this helpful”]

P.S. Should you need assistance, feel free to email me here. Make sure that your email address is valid if you want to hear from me. If you want, you can also inquire through the comments section below. You may also read the inquiries from other readers.

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How to Buy SM Cinema Tickets Online?

If you want to watch a movie at SM cinema, you have the option to buy tickets from their website. Actually, youll pay more compared to buying the tickets directly from the cinema. A convenience fee amounting to ₱20.00 will be added on top of the regular ticket price. Lets say the usual ticket price is ₱160.00. If you will buy it online, you will pay ₱180.00 in total (including VAT).
Buying tickets online is all about buyers convenience. Now, for those who want to know how to purchase tickets online, I create this article to guide you on how to do it. Read the steps provided below as your reference.
First things first, create an account in SM cinemas official website so you will be able to purchase tickets later on.
1. Log-in to your account.
2. Select Schedules – Preferred Branch – Movie – Screening date and then click the screening time of your choice.
3. In the next page, select your preferred payment channel. Currently there are four options: Gcash, Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express), Smart Money and e-Plus. If you need to buy multiple tickets, click the select ticket quantity drop down options.

Click Purchase button if you are ready to checkout.
Note: You can confirm the number of seats available from that page as well. See screenshot below.
Theres no option available for you to pick a seat. Just make sure to go to the cinema as early as possible to find a best place to sit.
4. Select Yes to receive BCODE on your mobile phone. Make sure you have entered the correct cellphone number during registration for you to receive it. If you need to update your contact number, click Account.
Click Go Payment button afterwards.
5. Enter your card details (applicable for those who choose credit card payment option). Click Pay.
Card payment
6. Make sure your payment was approved and not declined.
Transaction result
7. The system will send the voucher in your email. You may print it if you want or in case you did not receive the BCODE on your mobile phone. What important is the reference number.
8. Go to the cinema. Find the BCODE machine which is usually located near the ticket booth. See example below.
Example of BCODE
Scan the BCODE on your mobile phone or from the printed voucher. Select Yes if you get a prompt to print the ticket.
9. Lastly, get your printed ticket. Before you go inside the cinema, scan the QR code in your ticket at entrance.