Unable To Shrink Space in Disk Management

If you want to have two operating systems (Dual OS) in your computer and cannot shrink space due to immovable system files, there’s a workaround for you to bypass it. Just make sure that the hard disk has enough space for you to install another operating system (e.g. Windows XP). You might want to use…

McDonald Philippines Released Year Of The Dragon Discount Coupons

McDonald finally released its discount coupons to start 2012. All of its online members will receive a promotional email regarding this. Instead of getting the physical coupons, members can print out these coupons at the comfort of their homes and present it whenever they buy meals from stores. Here are the list of discounted coupons:…

Blogger Error: Can’t Publish Files

Can’t publish files The remote name could not be resolved: ‘picasaweb.google.com’ To correct this error message please ensure that the image file included on the post are not opened in other application like Adobe Photoshop, Paint etc. Close it and try to republish.

Blogger Error: 400 Bad Request

The server reported an error with the following web address: http://www.blogger.com/feeds/3510708365875450338/posts/default 400 bad request To correct this error message, please ensure that you’re not using any special characters under label or category field like ~, `, /, etc. Remove those and try again to publish your post.

How to Access Chat History in Gmail

Here’s a guide on how to access Chat History in your Gmail Account: 1. Click Chat from the left hand corner of your webmail.2. If you can’t find it, click Personal and it will show the unhidden options. There you’ll find options.3. To automatically show Chat option, click on the setting icon from the right…

Sage Peachtree Free W2 Forms

When you purchased 2012 Tax or Payroll Service from Sage, you are eligible to get free 2011 W2 forms. To redeem it, you need to call their W2 forms redemption hotline at 866-576-6841. A representative will ask for a certificate number and provide this: 1X123102A

Error Adding Bank Account Details On PayPal

“That bank account is already assigned to another PayPal account. For security purposes, each bank account may only be assigned to one PayPal account. Please use a different bank account.” If you’re adding a bank account in PayPal and you encountered this error message, you should know why in the first place. You might be…

Remove Malwarebytez From Windows Start Up

Here are the two steps that you can do to ensure Mawlwarebytez won’t open at start-up and slow down your PC: Via System Configuration 1. Click Start – Run.2. Type in msconfig and press enter.3. Under System Configuration window, go to Startup tab.4. Look for Malwarebytez entry and untick the box beside it.5. Click Apply…

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