Exclude MMORPG Game Folder To Avoid Lag: ESET Smart Security 5

Excluding the whole game folder in ESET Real Time Protection will help you avoid any lag issue while on-game. Aside from this, you can also do defragging, deleting junk files, etc. This is not mainly an issue for those who have a good pc specs. This is highly advisable to those who have a low [...]

Pending Yahoo Site Explorer Authentication

There are many site owners or bloggers out there who are still submitting websites in Yahoo Site Explorer nowadays but still finding their site in pending authentication. It’s been two weeks already since I last submitted another blog site. I’m pretty sure that I have installed the meta tag properly. I haven’t received any updates [...]

Offensive Photos Spreading in Facebook

Facebook was attacked recently by hackers who wanted to spam the social networking site. Facebook is already taking legal actions against the hackers behind it though some of its users are still seeing a lot of obscene photos. It started last November 14 and the photos are still spreading through unintentional sharing. It’s best to [...]

Verify Your PayPal Account With Smart Money

Another alternative to EON card in verifying a PayPal account is Smart Money. The process is also the same. PayPal will take out P100.00 in your debit card and just refund it afterwards. Before, Smart doesn’t publicly announce this even though people already discovered that Smart Money is capable of verifying PayPal account. Now, once [...]

Provisional Winners of New 7 Wonders Of Nature: Top 7 Revealed

Here are the preliminary winners of the New 7 Wonders of Nature:1. Amazon (South America)2. Haling Bay (Vietnam)3. Iguazu Falls (Brazil, Argentina)4. Jeju Island (South Korea)5. Komodo National Park (Indonesia)6. Puerto Princesa Underground River (Philippines)7. Table Mountain (South Africa)This is not the official list yet. There might be changes as the verification of votes goes [...]