Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NE82 Review

Planning to buy it? Read on.

I only know a few things about hair dryer. I just need something with 2000 or more wattage and ions which the EH-NE82 has.

I purchased it a few days ago. Here’s the unboxing video:

Inside are:

  • The hair dryer
  • Detachable nozzle and diffuser
  • Papers (Warranty, manual, etc.)

First thing I’ve noticed with the dryer is its weight. Its something that will tire you when held up for a long time. My previous dryer has the same weight, so I’m used to it.

Given its size, I can still squeeze it in my travel bag.

The non-swivel cord is about or more than 2 meters.

You can hang the item, though the loop is made of rubber and doesn’t look sturdy.

It’s actually my first time owning a diffuser, though I won’t use it at all. I was really amazed by its size. It’s BIG!

Now, here’s the nozzle. It’s easy to attach it to/remove it from the dryer.

The Features

  • Ionic – This is the feature I need the most. This cuts down the drying time. The small hole in the picture below is where the invisible negative ions come out.

  • Cool shot – This is used to set your hairstyle after drying.

  • Up to 2500 wattage – Also for fast drying of hair. The dryer needs a specific voltage to achieve the maximum wattage. Refer to the picture below.

  • Advanced heat protection – controls temperature to avoid excessive heat. I feel alternating cool and hot air while using this option. I switch to the topmost option for plain heat.

  • 2-heat setting

The hair dryer comes with a one-year warranty. It’s up to you to mail the warranty card within a month from the date of purchase. Check it on the video above.

Final Word

EH-NE82 is basically what I need. I purchased it for PHP3,995.00 (~$76), though I’m pretty sure there are other same-priced dryers in the market that have additional features or that perform better.

The item does the job. Perhaps, I can say this because I have a short hair and I towel-dry it first.

If you are looking for extra features, there are many companies that produce dryers so your options are not limited.

If you have the same budget, go! buy the item, but again, you may look at other products out there.

I’m expecting that the item will last for at least three years. Crossed-fingers.

P.S. EH-NE82 is noisy like a vacuum cleaner.

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