Paying a Cebu Pacific Reservation in Foreign Currency

All of my past bookings from Cebu Pacific were paid in Philippine Peso, but time came when I needed to book a one-way flight from Incheon to Manila and the bill was in Korean Won.

I’m not sure if I missed an option, however my concern is the conversion. I’m thinking I can pay in peso, but I dunno how much exactly.

At the same time, I also booked a return flight for a friend and her bill was in peso. The same route costed PHP6,876.34.

I tried to get some clarification from a Cebu Pacific branch and I was informed that the conversion will depend on the partner store where I’m going to pay.

Sadly, I wasn’t offered a rebooking, so I dropped by a Robinsons’ dept store and paid it.

The full payment was PHP6,981.00 which is higher than Cebu Pacific’s.

One thing I noticed is even though I paid in peso, the currency on the confirmed itinerary is still in Korean Won.

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