Pending Yahoo Site Explorer Authentication

There are many site owners or bloggers out there who are still submitting websites in Yahoo Site Explorer nowadays but still finding their site in pending authentication. It’s been two weeks already since I last submitted another blog site. I’m pretty sure that I have installed the meta tag properly. I haven’t received any updates from Yahoo why this is happening but Bing Webmaster Tools did notify me. As mentioned to an email that I received, Yahoo Site Explorer has been integrated with Bing Webmaster Tools. What does it mean? Yahoo Site Explorer was moved to Bing Webmaster Tools since August. If you submit a site in Bing Webmaster Tools, they will crawl your site pages and it will show both in Yahoo Search Engine and Bing. It’s more convenient now but sadly not all can submit their sitemap in Bing. There’s an issue that Bing is still trying to fix. You might have encountered this already:

”If you were adding a site or sitemap, we timed out trying to talk to your site. Please make sure the web page is up and visible on the web. If not, this may be a momentary issue; try again, or check back later.”

This won’t allow you to submit your sitemap to crawl. The alternative to this is to submit your sitemap through URL submission which will take time though.
To do it, just change to your own sitemap and paste this in your web browser:

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