Play Store: Smart/Globe Billing

Aside from using a credit or debit card, Android users in the Philippines may use their cellphone or SIM card to top up or purchase anything in-app.

Lately, I got hooked up with a mobile game called Mobile Legends. I never thought I would spend money on it after a month or so, but I just did. 😂

I knew how to purchase something with a Google account, however, in this case, I prefer not to use my card. Thus, I decided to bill my Smart SIM card, or airtime load.

My first purchase was successful. It only took a few taps ’til my load was debited.

The only weird thing I noticed after the transaction was the total deduction. My purchase was in peso, but the total cost was higher than the amount displayed during checkout.

There was a corresponding disclaimer, but I was still suprised with the extra fee which was about 50 or so.

The same thing happened with my Globe account the second time.

Lesson learned, there should be an extra load on top of the total bill in a SIM card in order for a top-up or purchase to go through.

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