PLDT Pay Express Online - Pay a bill using a credit or debit card

Paying a PLDT Bill with Credit Card

Is this possible? YES, it is!

Paying a PLDT bill using a credit card can be accomplished at home and it’s through internet.

There’s no uniform or specific website link to access since it varies depending on an account number. There’s a format, but I won’t rather give that since it’s subject to change anytime.

Actually, the payment portal can be accessed through the link provided in a printed bill. How?

Just scan the QR code which is in a bill’s first page with a smartphone’s, phablet’s, or tablet’s camera, then it should decipher the link embedded in it which is of the Pay Express Online portal. Note, for some devices, a third-party QR code scanner app may be required.

An internet connection is a must to make a payment online. Just scanning the code without visiting or opening the decoded link with a web browser won’t work.

The first page of the Pay Express online will show the total outstanding balance of an account which can be paid in full or partial.

The minimum payment required is 200 pesos. The total payment can be edited anytime at the space provided.

Tip: Not paying the full outstanding bill after the due date may lead to service interruption. PLDT is strict with arrears.

Pay with a debit or credit card

Debit/ATM card option

Debit cards are also accepted as long as it is a VISA or MasterCard. No AmEx or UnionPay option as of writing.

PesoPay payment gateway

The third-party that processes the payment is PesoPay which I think also processes payment on Jollibee’s ordering site.

I didn’t hesitate to process my payment the first time through them because the site connection is secure starting from Pay Express Online.

The payment flow is same with other merchants. Just need to enter the card details, then submit it for processing.

BPI MasterCard SecureCode

The good news is PesoPay supports 3D Secure like MasterCard SecureCode where a unique PIN or password will be sent to the cardholder and should be entered manually to proceed with a transaction.

Another good news? ❤😂

Payment confirmation is real-time. I always get an SMS confirmation and the payment is usually posted the next day.

I shared in this post that PLDT posts payments even on a Saturday. Haven’t tried paying yet on a Friday, but it could be possible as well with CC payments.

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