Due Immediately

PLDT: Due Immediately

Silly me! Everything works fine with my internet connection until it was disconnected.

PLDT sent me recently an email about my current bill and saw that my last payment was less than the total. I thought I paid it in full. It appears I wasn’t able to verify my entered amount online.

It was mentioned that the balance was “due immediately”. Sadly, I wasn’t able to pay it, until my internet connection and landline service were cut.

I just found out that PLDT is so serious with any previous balance unlike other service providers. 😂

I just came back from a vacation when I found out that the service was disconnected, so I thought of a way to pay it immediately.

I thought of Pay Express first, but the site is on maintenance. I have then left with no choice, but to pay it with a savings account from BPI.

I made a payment on a Friday prior to cut-off, and I thought the service will be resumed by Tuesday.

Surprisingly, when I turned on the modem the next day at 9 a.m., the service was already re-activated. The process was automatic.

I checked my account online and confirmed that the payment was already registered. Take note, on a Saturday!

Lesson learned: Always double-check the payment and pay any balance from previous bill asap. 😂

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