PLDT myDSL Promo: Free Speed Upgrade For Existing Plan 1299 Accountholders

After the speed boost promo for the existing HighSpeed Plan 999 customers, PLDT myDSL Philippines now launched a new promotion for existing Plan 1299 accountholders. From the original download speed of up to 768kbps, they are now eligible for a free speed boost of up to 1mbps.

This promotion will not affect the monthly service rate. To grab and enjoy this new promotion, the accountholder should contact PLDT Customer Service at 171 and request for the speed boost. They just need to authenticate the account before they submit the request. It will take 3-5 business days to have it in effect.

To check if the new download speed was already applied, you can check it thru Speedtest or try to call Customer Service again to verify.

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