Print PayPal Transaction Receipt

When you made a payment through PayPal, there are three ways that you can get and print a copy of the transaction receipt.

Print Receipt after Checkout

At the end of PayPal checkout process, you’ll see a transaction confirmation and you’ll be provided with an option to print the transaction receipt. See image below

Click on ‘Print’ link and a new window will pop up. Depending on what internet browser you’re using, you can save the webpage as XPS or PDF and print it later on. If you have a printer hooked up to your computer, you can print it immediately (Right Click → Print).

For some online shopping websites, this option is not provided like in eBay. Instead of showing the transaction confirmation page after your payment is processed, you will be redirected to the originating website.

Print PayPal receipt
Print Receipt option in payment confirmation page

Through E-mail

By default, PayPal always sends a copy of the transaction receipt to the primary email address linked to your account. You will receive it as soon as you finished the checkout process.

To print the receipt, open the email from PayPal then click the Print option on the email menu. Most email services have this option like Gmail or Outlook.

You may also copy the entire email content and paste it in Word or any word processor installed on your computer before you print it. Thus, you’ll be able to cut some text in the document.

If you don’t own a PayPal account, it is advisable that you get a copy of transaction receipt from the email address you’ve entered during checkout.


You can also get a copy of transaction receipt in your PayPal account dashboard. The good thing about it is you can look up and print receipts of your old transactions.

You can search old transactions by going to My Account → History. Adjust the date range and click Search.

To print the transaction receipt, click the ‘Details’ link of the transaction. Right click the webpage then select Print.

Transaction details page includes all the information that you can see in a standard PayPal receipt. The only difference is the layout.

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