Transferring Funds from Bank Account to GCASH

Earlier today, I got an SMS update from Globe. They are proud to announce that local ATM cards (either credit or debit card) can now be used to reload GCash online. Here’s a preview of the text message:

“FREE GCASH Advisory; Enjoy the convenience of transferring funds from your bank account to your GCASH wallet online! If you have a BancNet or Mega-link-powered ATM account such as Metrobank, RCBC, EastWest Bank, Chinabank, Unionbank and many more, you can now cash-in to your GCASH wallet online….”

As far as I remember, it’s been a long time since they introduced this online service. It’s available both on GCash and GCASH AMEX official website. Actually, I tried it before but Globe did not clarify that it’s still on beta test. That’s why all of my transactions aren’t going through in the past. Now, it seems like they have already finalized it and good-to-go.

The service is for free. You can transfer funds to your GCash wallet at anytime without being charged a transaction fee. Just bear in mind that the lowest amount that can be transferred is PHP500 and the maximum is PHP40,000 per day. If you’re account is already KYC’ed, your daily limit is PHP100,000. That’s one of the benefits of having a verified account. For more information regarding KYC, please refer to this webpage.

Since this service is what I’d been waiting for months, I was too eager to do my first successful transaction. To no avail, I can’t still transfer funds. Not because there’s a problem with my card but there’s a problem with the pop up window where I need to key in my card details. I always get a certificate error. Whenever I get such, I’m getting apprehensive. I was once a victim of online phishing that’s why I’m afraid to just click on Proceed button without precaution.I called GCASH and they don’t know exactly why I am getting such an error. I used both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 but I got the same certificate error. At first, I thought there’s a problem with the time setting on my Windows system. I tried to switch the time zone from GMT+9 to GMT+8 but it didn’t resolve the problem either. The rep asked me what bank card I’m using. I said RCBC. He said that I can transfer funds to my GCash wallet through BancNet alternatively. He walked me through the whole process but I ended up getting an error again.

I’m going to re-update this post once I completed a transfer anytime soon. I will also provide a detailed guide about the process.

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