How to Remove from Chrome and IE?

Is always opens when you launch an internet browser like Chrome and Internet Explorer?

This browser hijacker will change your default search engine, home page and other browser settings upon installation. It is usually bundled with other programs that you have installed recently on your PC, but you did not notice that you’ve authorized to download it.

To completely uninstall this potentially unwanted program from your PC, the following steps below will guide you how to do it.

Google Chrome

Open Chrome on your desktop. Click the Settings icon at the upper-right hand corner. Go to Settings – Extensions.

Find Home then click the trash can icon beside it.

Uninstall Home

Select ‘Remove’ to confirm Removal.

Still under Settings, see On startup below Sign In. Click Set pages beside Open a specific page or set of pages.  Click the X-mark beside Click OK to save.

Startup Pages - Google Chrome

Startup Pages – Google Chrome

Internet Explorer 9 and 1o

Launch Internet Explorer. Click the gear (settings) icon below the X button.

Go to Manage Add-ons – Search Providers. Find from the list. Select it then click the Remove button.

Internet Explorer Manage Add-ons - Search Providers

Do not forget to set your default search provider before closing the window. Also, tick the ‘Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider’ box.

Uninstall within The Control Panel

To completely uninstall program from your computer, you need to remove it within the Control Panel.

To do this, go to Control Panel. For Windows 8 users, press Windows key + X on the keyboard. Select Control Panel from the list then go to Programs – Uninstall a program. For other versions of Windows, click the Windows Orb on the task bar then open Control Panel. Go to Programs – Uninstall a program.

Scroll down. Find in the installed programs list. Select it then click Uninstall/Change.

Control Panel - Uninstall, a potentially unwanted program

Select Yes if you get a User Account Control pop-up.

Now, proceed with the uninstallation. Reboot your PC afterwards.

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