Removing Components of Avast Internet Security

Would you like to remove some components of the Avast Internet Security installed on your Windows PC? Perhaps, you have realized that there are features that you don’t need or there are some that affect the performance of your PC and you want to get rid of those. It’s easy. Here’s how.

Removing Components of Avast Internet Security

First, go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features – Uninstall a program

Find Avast! Internet Security in the list. See screenshot below.

Uninstall or change a program window

Select it then click Uninstall/Change option beside Organize.

Wait for the Avast! Internet Security Setup window to appear. Click Change tab > Continue.

Avast Internet Security Setup - Which components do you want to install

On the next page, uncheck the components you wish to uninstall under Tools. You can also add another language to the program on that page. There are more than 40 languages to choose from.

Click Continue when ready. Now, wait for the setup to finish updating the program. You’ll get a confirmation after which.

Click Done to close the window. Reboot the computer and check if the components are completely uninstalled by opening Avast window then go to Tools.

Some components will be removed after the update while some require a reboot.

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