Request GCash Transaction History

You can get a copy of your GCash transaction history via My GCash Portal or by using the GCash App.

Globe logs all of your transactions every time you use your GCash account to send money, buy load, pay bills, donate, shop online using your AMEX virtual card and etc. Thus, you’ll be able to track your expenses.

You can get a copy of your transaction summary in two ways. You can print it any time via My GCash or you may request a copy of your transaction history to be sent to your email using the GCash app.

Via My GCash Portal

My GCash is an online account management tool available on the new Globe site. You may access it anytime to check your account balance and do some transactions like to send money or view your statement of account.

Go to this link for a thorough instruction on how to access My GCash Portal.

Once you’ve logged in, click View detailed transaction summary link. It will show you the transactions you’ve made in the last 30 days. You may adjust the date range by clicking on the drop-down menu.

You can print a copy of your transaction summary by clicking on Request PDF Format link.

Request Transaction History Using GCash App

GCash app is available for download at Google Play or iTunes Store. It’s free for Android and iPhone users. You can use it as well to manage your account, access your AMEX card details, donate to charities, buy load, check account balance, pay bills, transfer funds, change MPIN and locate GCash outlets.

Take note, your smart phone should be connected to the internet such as 3G, LTE or WiFi to operate the application.

Open GCash app. Enter your GCash MPIN. Tap Log In.

Reminder: You need to insert the Globe SIM where your GCash account is linked to your device. You will not be able to access your account using a different SIM.

Tap the GCash menu GCash App Menu in the top-left hand corner. Tap ‘Request Transaction History’

Tap Request Transaction History

Select your preferred date range: Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days or enter a Custom Range.

Enter any working email address where you’d like to receive the copy of the transaction history. Tap Next.

The email will be sent as soon as you confirm the transaction.

Log-in to your email. Check the email from Globe GCash.

The account transaction history is on the email attachment. Generally, it’s a PDF file thus you need a software like Adobe Reader to view it.

When you open the file, you will be prompted to enter the password which is provided in the email.

Remember, transaction history cannot be used as an official document. You can’t use it as a requirement to apply for services from local companies. Please read the disclaimer on top of the PDF file for confirmation.

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how can i see my present transaction even an hour ago i sent money to gcash user but he said he doesnt received any text from gcash…how can i prove that i sent him

I am very concerned when GCash text telling me ,that this 999php.cant be processed due.insufficient ,and to top up.I don’t recall any transactions about that amount.just want to know what that is. Pls.kindly explain what that

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