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Are you getting the same issue on iTunes? Well, you are not alone. I encountered that problem for the very first time after I changed the store region of my account from the United States to Philippines.

I’m not going to provide a straightforward solution to the problem in this post. Instead, I’m going to share how I was able to make my reviews posted on various iTunes pages based on an observation or rather an experiment which has something to do with the payment method.

Payment method varies depending on the store region. In the US iTunes Store, PayPal, credit cards, and iTunes cards are supported, while in the Philippine Store, only credit or debit cards bearing the MasterCard, VISA, and AmEx logo are accepted along with iTunes e-cards.

Posting a Review on the iTunes Store

Write a review on iTunes

Going back, I mentioned that I changed the region in my account when I moved back to the Philippines from the US. Since then, I started using my VISA card for online purchases since iTunes cards are not available in local stores though Apple sells digital codes online for a minimum of 1,000.00 pesos [around $20.00 to $30.00].

The transition went smoothly except posting reviews which is peculiar. When I was still in the US, I often download songs using iTunes credits, and the reviews I write are often posted after a few minutes or a couple of hours. However, in the Philippines store, a month or so passed, and my reviews are not appearing yet though they are showing under Account Settings [Account Info > Settings > Reviews and Ratings].

Apple said that a review might be subject to approval before it appears on a page which is clear, but I think a month or so of waiting is an overkill. Maybe there’s something wrong with what I’m doing, or maybe Apple does.

I started thinking of a workaround to make my reviews appear on the iTunes Store without contacting Apple Support. Eventually, I was able to find one, and as I have mentioned it has something to do with the payment. I’m not sure if my conclusion is valid or not, but it appears that Apple will not allow a review to show on a page if the payment is not yet cleared, or if processed, the reviews will still not appear at all.

What I did is I changed the time or the day I post a review. Not after I purchase or download a song which I usually do in the US Store. Instead, I write one after I received the official invoice in my email or Apple ID. It works.

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