Here’s How to Go to Bancal Port from Roxas Airport

☝🏾 Roxas Airport is in Capiz while Bancal Port is in Iloilo.

The locations below can be searched in Google Maps, therefore you can check the route.

  • Proceed to the tricycle terminal outside the airport. It’s just a two-minute walk. Tell the driver to drop you off at Roxas City Terminal. The fare is 100 pesos (chartered).
  • At Roxas City Terminal, ride a van bound for Estancia, Iloilo, and tell the conductor or driver to drop you off at Balasan. The fare is 80 pesos. The travel time is about an hour or so.

☝🏾: The trip may take longer as drivers drop off and pick up passengers along the route. Also, they don’t depart from the terminal unless there are enough passengers.

    In Balasan, the conductor/driver may arrange a tricycle ride for you. There are drivers waiting across the gas station. The fare going to Bancal Port is 125 pesos (chartered) and the travel time is 20 to 30 minutes.

☝🏾 Want a day tour? I suggest that you start in Gigantes not in Bancal Port. Why? It’s far. Plus, a chartered boat costs 5,000 pesos or so.

If you are creating an itinerary, this may help as well as this list of expenses.

To know how to travel to Gigantes Norte from Bancal Port, check out this post.

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