Is Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus Worth Your Money?

Yes. (If its features are enough for you).

Why I Purchased it?

Because I need a replacement for my old Asus phone.

I’m an iOS user. However, I need an Android for my backup SIM as well as for testing purposes.

I recommend J4 Plus if you need a budget phone for communicating, web browsing and watching videos. For games, better yet buy another smartphone out there. It’s laggy.

Prolly, it can run simple games but not MOBA or other graphic games.

If you have a smartphone with good CPU and GPU, you’ll notice the big difference about the performance. Test J4 Plus in a store first!

You’ll notice that the apps take time to load most probably. Also, it’s slow in taking pictures.

Again, it’s a budget phone!

What I Like About It?

It’s cheap and big. Also, I like the design.

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