Upgrade Samsung Smartphone Firmware via Software Update

Aside from Kies, you may check, download and install the latest firmware available for your Samsung smart phone via Software Update.

Software Update is the green icon with a phone and an arrow going up below it that you can see on the home screen or the apps menu of your device. You may access it as well by going to Settings > About Phone.

If you see a small Orange circle with the letter N at the top-right hand corner of the SU icon Software Update Icon, it means that an update is ready for download.

An internet connection such as GPRS, 3G, LTE or WiFi is required when upgrading your phone’s firmware via Software Update. You may configure the tool to download an update via WiFi only as what you can see in the screenshot below.

Download via WiFi only

How to Upgrade Using Software Update Tool?

Note: You must fully charge your phone prior to upgrading or make sure the battery is beyond 50%. Also, make sure that there’s enough internal phone memory space left otherwise you’ll get an error. You’ll see the update file size before you download it. You can use it as a reference on how much memory you need to free up in case you get an ‘out of memory’ error.

Open Software Update on your smart phone. Check if there’s an available update by tapping on ‘Update’ which is the first option in the list.

It might take a few minutes depending on your connection. You’ll get a small pop-up window if an update is available. Tap ‘Download’ to proceed.

Downloading update package

The time it takes to download an update via Kies is almost the same with Software Update regardless of the file size or the internet connection speed. It is usually caused by the update server.

Install Firmware Update

Tap ‘Install’ after it finishes downloading the update file.

Tap ‘OK’ if you receive an instruction to reboot the phone. Installation may take 10 to 15 minutes.

You’ll notice that the phone is stuck at the startup screen where it shows the Samsung logo and the phone model. A progress bar will appear below it. Just wait for the installation to finish. The device will reboot after which.

Once done, you’ll see a small notification window on the home screen that will tell you that the phone has been successfully updated.

If the update fails, you may retry it or update instead via Kies on a computer.

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