Set up Samsung Galaxy Y as Modem

If you’re Samsung Galaxy Y has an active data service, you can share it to anyone by transforming your device to a portable WiFi hotspot or connect it directly to your PC, laptop or tablet using a USB cable if you don’t have any means of connecting to the internet while you’re on a vacation, trip or a place with no internet source. This is simply known as tethering.

USB Tethering Requirements

To set up Samsung Galaxy Y for tethering, you should have an active data connection preferably 3G or HSDPA. LTE is not included because the device is not LTE-capable.

For prepaid subscribers, it is recommended to register for a data package to enjoy unlimited internet connection and to save money as well compared to time-based charging.

A USB cable is also required for tethering.

Set Up Samsung Galaxy Y as Modem

First, activate data service on your phone then connect it to your PC, laptop or tablet using a USB cable. Go to Apps Menu – Settings – Wireless and Networks – Tethering and Portable Hotspot on your phone.

Tap USB tethering. Once enabled, the USB icon in the notification bar will have a blue background. See screenshot below.

USB Tethering - Samsung Galaxy Y
USB Tethering

The device is now connected to the internet and you’re good to go.

Take note, the device memory card data cannot be accessed in a PC while tethering is on. It cannot be used with Kies as well unless the service is disabled temporarily but you can still use your phone to perform usual tasks like sending SMS, make calls, browse the internet and etc

Set Up WiFi Hotspot

Got another device? Does your friend or family need internet connection as well?

Share the love! Turn your Samsung Galaxy Y to a portable WiFi Hotspot while USB tethering is on. To do this, go to Apps Menu – Settings – Wireless and Networks – Tethering and Portable Hotspot using your phone then tap ‘Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot’. Once enabled, you’ll see a blue icon with a black circle on it in the notification bar.

You can limit access to the WiFi connection by adding a password on it in Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Setting – Configure Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

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