Singapore Airlines - Manage Booking link

Singapore Airlines: Seat Selection & Meal Plan

One of the things I love with SIA is their seamless online booking procedure. Unlike other airlines, the checkout process is simple and fast. No need to tick or untick multiple options.

One of my questions when I first booked with them was where to find the seat selection, meals section as well as the baggage allowance list. Those were not present during the checkout process.

When I got my first itinerary from them via email, good thing, there was a Manage Booking link where I eventually found the missing options. Surprisingly and thankfully, I didn’t pay any extra [expecting it was a premium service].

Singapore Airlines - Seat Selection

The seat selection was a piece of cake.

Singapore Airlines - Meal Options

There were no specific meals to choose, but I were presented with dietary options which are great except that I can only choose one.

My tummy doesn’t like milk and seafoods [sad], but I only chose non-seafood in their list thinking that it’s more important and I can just inform a crew during my flight that milk is a no-no as well.

Other meal options

Other meal options

Managing a booking can be accomplished upon successful booking, or a few hours before a flight. Deadline varies by selection.

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