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Your Employment History on the SSS Website

Would you like to get a copy of your employment history from SSS without going to any servicing branch near your place? If yes, then read this guide.

I think there is a problem on the website as of writing. If you drag the mouse cursor down, you will notice that the Member Info options will disappear in a snap. What you can do is to hover the mouse cursor over Members Info, then press the arrow down key on your keyboard, then use the mouse again to select Employment History in the list. This applies both on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

If you are using Google Chrome and the Member Info is missing, or the page is blank, try to click the gray shield icon beside the star icon [Bookmark] in the address bar, then click “Load unsafe scripts” link. See screenshot below.

Load unsafe scripts on Google Chrome

It might take a few seconds or minutes for the page to load. So, be patient.

You will see your employment history on the next page. For privacy and security reasons, I will not be able to provide an example. There are four things that you can see on the employment history page: company’s name, employer ID, reporting and employment date.

You can print the page directly on IE or Chrome. The shortcut keys to use are CTRL + P.

Reminder: If you’re using a public computer to access your account, do not forget to log out properly.


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Last Updated: May 14, 2015

20 replies on “Your Employment History on the SSS Website”

Good afternoon. Please help me. I want to have a print out of SSS Employment History of my late husband (died last May 14, 2017) because it is one of the requirements of HDMF death claim.

Please update the website. I am really in need of my employment history. Did all troubleshooting. Win 8, 7, Vista and XP are all not able to open the said history. Cleared cache, enabled certificate, power cycled, still I’m unable to see the employment history page even the membership info.

Hi! I don’t think it that works now since revised the website already. Worse part is, I don’t think it is easy to print out employment history. Could you help me though?

It’s still not. If you have unsupported browser like Google Chrome or FireFox, click on the shield and disable it.

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