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Your Employment History on the SSS Website

Would you like to get a copy of your employment history from SSS without going to any servicing branch near your place? If yes, then read this guide.

Would you like to get a copy of your employment history? Or, would you like to verify if your previous employers registered you under their account and remitted your contributions to SSS?. If yes, then the official SSS website will be able to help you out. No need to drop by to any SSS servicing branch near your place as you can check your employment history right in front of your computer.

It sounds easy. Isn’t it? However, it might turn to an ordeal for you if you do not have an account yet. If you don’t have a My.SSS profile, you will not be able to access your information online. Registration is very easy, but getting your previous employer’s ID number might be a challenge. If you will sign up, that is the most important information that you need to get from one of your previous employers. Take note, it is not necessary to get the ID number of your most recent employer. Say, you’d been with ten companies, you can pick one of them and get the required ID number by contacting the HR department of the company. The registration should go through unless they did not register you under their account during your stay.

I created a guide on how to sign up for a My.SSS account three years ago which you can use as a reference. Take note, SSS revamped their website already, so I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the post. My apologies, but I can’t update it anymore as I can’t delete my active account and register anew.

Now, if you already have an account on the SSS website, here’s what you need to do to check or print your employment history:

Note: SSS does not provide the exact hire date or whatever. They only declare the month and the year for both the employment and reporting date. The company names are also provided. The employment date is the month and year that you officially joined a company.

How to Check Your Employment History on the SSS Website

Please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome if you’re using a Windows PC. I haven’t tested this guide on other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, or whatever.

1. Go to the official SSS website.

2. Enter your ID and Password under Member Login at the right-hand corner of the home page, then click Submit.

Member Login

3. You will be redirected to the Employee Static Information under Home page afterward. Hover your mouse cursor over “Member Info”, then select Employment History in the drop-down menu. See screenshot below.

Employment History option under Member Info

Proceed to the next page.

22 replies on “Your Employment History on the SSS Website”

Good afternoon. Please help me. I want to have a print out of SSS Employment History of my late husband (died last May 14, 2017) because it is one of the requirements of HDMF death claim.

Please update the website. I am really in need of my employment history. Did all troubleshooting. Win 8, 7, Vista and XP are all not able to open the said history. Cleared cache, enabled certificate, power cycled, still I’m unable to see the employment history page even the membership info.

Hi! I don’t think it that works now since revised the website already. Worse part is, I don’t think it is easy to print out employment history. Could you help me though?

It’s still not. If you have unsupported browser like Google Chrome or FireFox, click on the shield and disable it.

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