Sync Home Videos on an iPad with iTunes

This guide is applicable to Windows users only.

You can sync videos you purchased outside of the iTunes Store to your iPad [Air or Mini] with iTunes using a USB cable or through WiFi. The video formats that you can sync are .m4v, .mp4, and .mov.

If you add a supported video purchased from another website to iTunes, it will be listed automatically under Home Videos unless you move it to another library.

Check this guide if you want to learn how to add videos purchased or downloaded from other websites to iTunes.

Sync Files under Home Videos or My Videos Library on an iPad [USB Cable Method]

1. Connect your iPad to one of your PC’s USB ports using the original USB cable.

2. Run iTunes on your PC.

Click the iPad icon

3. Once the program detected the Apple device, click iPad icon at the upper-left side of the screen. Refer to screenshot above.

4. Click Movies under Settings [left-side].

5. Check the “Sync Movies” box. You may check the “Automatically include all movies” box, or select your preferred option in the drop-down menu, or manually select the videos you want to sync on your iPad like on the screenshot below. You will see the length and the size of each video.

Sync home movies on an iPad

6. Click the Sync button and wait for the operation to finish.

7. Click Disconnect Apple device across the device name to disconnect your iPad.

8. Now, check the videos on your Apple device. To do that, go to Videos > Home Videos tab.

Home Videos tab on an iPad

There’s another way of syncing home videos on an iPad by using a WiFi connection, however I’m not going to discuss it further on this post as I find the USB cable method easier and faster. There are certain things to meet in order for Sync via WiFi to work and one of it is to make sure gadget is charging. Meaning, you either need to connect it to a PC, or use a USB power adapter.


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