System Will Not Boot with Razer BlackWidow

Earlier this week, I bought a used Razer BlackWidow from a friend. It’s the standard version of BlackWidow which doesn’t come with USB and audio port. The item worked perfectly fine both on Windows 7 and 8.1 64-bit until after an hour or so.

I noticed that my system won’t boot after installing Synapse as well as downloading updates. Synapse prompted that a reboot is necessary but after reaching the BIOS Screen, nothing happens. The screen freezes and still nothing’s happening after pressing the reboot button many times. The system will only boot if the keyboard is unplugged.

After a couple of hours of trial and error, I finally found a trick to fix the issue. If you’re having the same problem, you may check your BIOS Settings and change some if necessary.

Disclaimer: The settings provided below will not work 100%. There are other solutions available online that may fix the issue. Google is your friend. Feel free to try and apply the settings below if only if available on your PC’s BIOS.

BIOS Settings

1. Enable Legacy USB Support

The following screenshots are taken from an Asrock UEFI Screen.

Legacy USB Support - System Will Not Boot with Razer BlackWidow

2. Turn Off Bootup Num-Lock

Bootup NumLock - System Will Not Boot with Razer BlackWidow

The NUM Lock LED on the Razer Keyboard will not light up during reboot when Bootup Num-Lock is turned off.

Reboot your PC and check if the system will boot after applying the settings.

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